Common Core State Standards

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Helping ELL Students Succeed in Math

ICEF Vista Elementary Academy, a school serving primarily low-income students who are English Language Learners, was forced to reduce its operating budget by 20 percent following deep state budget cuts. The school brought in the DreamBox Learning program to meet student needs for math intervention and individualized instruction in a cost-effective manner.

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How to help students prepare for CCSS assessments

Common Core Controversy One of the key controversies surrounding the Common Core State Standards has been the question of assessments. Along with a complete overhaul of the academic requirements students are expected to meet comes a new set of online

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Early number sense may dictate later math achievements

Deep Understanding of Math: When reviewing the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, it can clearly be seen that there is an emphasis placed on developing a deep understanding of math relationships and practices in students, rather than asking them

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Teachers can help both parents and students transition to Common Core

When it comes to Common Core State Standards for math, many are beginning to question if schools will be up for the challenge of taking on more rigorous lesson plans. Although the new curricula will provide students with better preparation

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Five things every teacher should know about CCSS

The Common Core State Standards: They’re a hot-button issue in American education, and as the implementation deadlines for many states draw near, the debate isn’t quieting down. Teachers find themselves on both sides of the dividing line – some for

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Explaining fifth grade Common Core math

With many states quickly approaching their deadlines for full implementation of the Common Core State Standards, school districts are working tirelessly to make sure their teachers have a clear understanding of the new academic expectations students will be required to

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Monitoring student progress can improve instruction

As school districts across the country update their teaching methods to align with the Common Core State Standards, the collection of data monitoring student progress may play a key role in improving instruction.

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April 17, 2013 9:30 am - By in Common Core State Standards

Earlier kindergarten could help close achievement gap

As educators in the United States look for ways to increase student achievement to help them meet the academic expectations that come with the Common Core State Standards, new information indicates that earlier kindergarten could help to close the achievement gap.

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What does Finland claim is the secret to its educational success?

Classrooms in the United States may benefit from taking a look at Finland’s educational strategies Parents, teachers, faculty and administrators all have one goal in common: improve student achievement. Of course, theories of how to do so are consistently under

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