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ELL Students Back On Track for Graduation

Challenge Closing math learning gaps for ELL students High school students who have lagged in mathematical understanding year after year risk dropping out of school. The risk is compounded by the combined challenges of a language barrier and the added

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Latino Ells and Math: Six Gap-Closing Classroom Math Strategies Infographic

Read our latest white paper on Six Strategies to Reach, Teach, and Close Math Gaps: For Latino English Language Learners in Elementary and Middle School. Learning and understanding the unique language of math can be a challenge for many of

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Six Strategies to Close Math Gaps for ELLS

Learning and understanding the unique language of math can be a challenge for many of the 3.8 million Latino English Language Learners (ELLs) in U.S. elementary and middle school classrooms. One in every four students in the U.S. will be

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Webinar: Closing Math Achievement Gaps for English Language Learners

2:00 – 3:00 pm EST Using effective strategies to personalize the math learning experience is key to reaching all levels of learners, especially Spanish-speaking English Language Learners who vary in their English language abilities, math proficiency, and personal circumstances. Attend

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Exceeding API by 10 points in 1 Year

When Dr. Cynthia White became principal at Cleveland Elementary, it was the lowest performing elementary school in the Santa Barbara district. Read how Cleveland’s Academic Performance Index (API) score, a value-added calculation of testing data and expected outcomes, grew by 15 points in just one year—10 points more than the target provided by the state. It was the school’s largest year-over-year increase since the API system went into effect five years ago.

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Supporting Blended Learning, Personalized Learning and the Common Core

The Christina School District in Delaware, comprised of both urban and suburban schools with a diverse group of learners, is the largest district in the state of Delaware. With a recent Race to the Top award, the district became interested in how technology could be used to improve their math instruction. Read the case study to learn how DreamBox Learning Math helped to significantly increase test scores in just one year—increasing the math proficiency of third to fifth grade students by as much as 43 percent in just eight months.

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Math strategies for ELL students

Whether or not budgets are shrinking, schools still need to support the increasing number of English Language Learners (ELLs) in the skills acquisition they need to succeed in math. ELLs are the fastest-growing kindergarten through Grade 12 segment when compared

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Differentiation for Diverse Learners

After a long history of academic success in a school with demographic challenges, STAAR scores took a sudden and dramatic downturn among third grade students last year. Principal Yolanda Rodriguez and Instructional Specialist Rodolfo Ramos realized they needed a new math approach that would work for students with diverse abilities that would still support changing state standards. DreamBox offered the differentiated math instruction and engaging visual environment that is effective in a diverse, multilingual implementation to lay the groundwork for long-term success.

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Embracing Blended Learning

Providing a world-class education to low-income minority students Challenge Support individual student learning needs to transform life trajectories The mission of IDEA Public Schools is to transform the life trajectories of low-income students by putting them on a path to

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