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Blended Learning Classrooms Show Gains

Math Students Outperform Peers by 26 Percent Challenge A blended learning initiative focused on closing the achievement gap In 2012, the Enlarged City School District of Middletown in the state of New York won a $20 million grant through the

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Mitigating Summer Learning Loss

4.1 months in math achievement in just 4 weeks Challenge Combating the summer brain drain Students in the countries outpacing the United States in academic success attend school for 30-45 days more per year than US students. It’s a fact

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Middle School Math Success

Approximately 12 percent of 6th grade students at Isaac E. Young Middle School were identified as needing math intervention. In addition, many of the middle school teachers were not trained to provide (or weren’t comfortable providing) math basics to students performing significantly below grade level or teaching elementary math fundamentals at the K–5 level. Learn how DreamBox Learning helped to bridge gaps in math understanding and students performance.

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