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Teacher Appreciation

May is the merry month to shower beloved teachers with extra appreciation

In the growing sunshine of May, people across the nation are taking special time to show gratitude for the warmth and light that teachers give. Hats tossed high and bouquets of balloons released to our teachers, and everything they do day in and day out for students, colleagues, and schools. May 7th was National Teacher Appreciation Day. Why not celebrate teachers all month long, like a big birthday party that goes on for weeks? Surprise and delight them when they least expect it.

Students can make a secret group plan to all wear their teacher’s favorite color to school one day. Each child can bring one flower and then have someone put them all together in a bouquet. Make a card for your teacher, draw a picture, or write a story all about you that’s just for them. Let them know that their enthusiastic dedication in class inspires you to watch, listen, and learn everywhere you go.

Students have thanked their teachers with an apple since public education first began in our nation in the 1800’s. Schools in the eastern urban centers started to receive public funding at that time. Out in the western frontier, families paid their children’s classroom educators with farm produce. That always included bushels of delicious, healthful apples that students brought in for their teachers. In time, all teachers were paid wages for their devoted education services––but the custom of bringing an apple to the teacher to express affection and appreciation continued.

We honor the heartfelt calling of teachers to motivate and inspire young minds. Their joy in being a student’s advocate and helping them realize their own potential. Teachers understand that it takes time to earn trust, and that from trust grows a solid bond. They rejoice in witnessing their students’ “Aha moments.”

DreamBox CEO and President Jessie Woolley-Wilson said, “At DreamBox, our mission is centered around a core belief that empowering the future workforce starts by unlocking the learning potential of every child. By equipping learners with technology that adapts to their specific needs and empowering educators with the professional development opportunities that best support their instruction we become one step closer to meeting that mission.”

Teachers love to have fun––and that includes their own ongoing development, as well as their collaborations with other educators on creative ways to teach different types of learners. They support the conviction and confidence of fellow teachers, sharing best practices and opening new doors in learning together.

Our teachers do the immense job of imparting essential subject knowledge in a way that each student can hear. And they do so much more. A teacher’s faith in a student gives them courage they can carry for a lifetime. The poet William Butler Yeats once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

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