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Teaching Number Sense Using the Open Number Line

ONL-1_800pxDreamBox Learning provides free teacher resources for any teacher – regardless of whether they’re using DreamBox in the classroom or not! Our free Teacher Tools are virtual manipulatives that can be used with your whole class, or in smaller groups.

The DreamBox open number line is an interactive tool you can use to support the development of number sense and computational fluency. It can be used to teach counting, addition and subtraction; as well as for modeling situations and representing student strategies.

Use the open number line lesson in the classroom to teach:

Skip counting

  • Ask students to discuss patterns they notice.
  • Challenge students to use a pattern to predict the next endpoint.
  • Start at numbers other than zero or count backwards.

Model a situations

  • During a math lesson or when students are on a field trip, the open number line can be used to model a number of mathematical situations.

Use strings of related problems to model students’ strategies

  • During mini-lessons, ask students to share how their strategy is similar to or different than another one. Use the open number line to illustrate the similarities and differences.
  • Save a screen capture or a copy of the screen, along with the student’s name and date. Save it in a student’s file or share it with parents.

Find your own ways of using the open number line – then share them with us! You can access the open number line virtual manipulative free by clicking here. And you can get all of the other free DreamBox Teacher Tools by clicking here.

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