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Story of the Month: Teaming Up to Create K-5 Math Success

Amy Glass
K-5 Math Specialist
Hawkins County Schools

Lori Allen
K-4 Teacher
Joseph Rogers Primary

Teaming Up
Amy Glass, K-5 Math Specialist for Hawkins County Schools and Lori Allen, K-4 Teacher at Joseph Rogers Primary, were tasked to find a supplemental math solution to raise student achievement. Lori, a 2011 Teacher of the Year, was recognized for her outstanding elementary math teaching by the House of Representatives of the State of Tennessee and for her contributions to education. The duo set about looking for an online supplementary math program that was in alignment with Common Core State Standards (CCSS), taught math concepts (not just rote memorization), and was aligned with with new State and District directives.

Coming Together Around the Common Core
As the new school year began, Hawkins County Schools asked parents to be part of the Common Core transition team and support the District’s replacement of math standards for grades 3-8. Hawkins County Schools supplied specific ways for parents can help and encourage their children to master math critical thinking and problem-solving skills – an essential goal of the Common Core and an important way to give children the opportunity to succeed in school and life.  “Our stated mission for Hawkins School System,” says Amy, is: “‘in partnership with all stakeholders, our mission is to "Educate and Graduate Each Student.’ That’s why CCSS, and as we found out — DreamBox— are right for us, right now.”

DreamBox brings it All Together
After an extensive search, the team found DreamBox Learning and liked what they saw. To give DreamBox a ‘test drive,’ Amy signed up her 2nd grade son and Lori signed her 4th grade son up for a free trial. “We saw both of our son’s incredibly positive response to DreamBox. Lori says, “Our kids loved it! We could see for ourselves how strong DreamBox is in teaching conceptual understanding, in full alignment to the CCSS curriculum.”

Amy and Lori then attended a webinar to see how it would work for their district. “We were sold!” said the math curriculum team.  They purchased DreamBox for all of Hawkins County K-3, and then expanded the license recently to include grades 4 and 5 as well. One of the reasons they chose DreamBox, too, was progress reporting that helps in school-based decision making.

DreamBox Team Works Hand in Hand – Almost Daily
“We’re extremely happy with the service and support we’ve received from the DreamBox Learning Client Success team,” says Amy. “We’ve called in almost once a day since getting started and the support has been phenomenal. Calls are answered very quickly and everyone has been very, very nice and professional in providing answers and getting us going quickly and efficiently.”

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