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Tech Meets Text: Introducing AssignFocus™ by Print Program

Now you can create focused assignments in DreamBox that seamlessly align with your print curriculum

AssignFocus™, the DreamBox feature that empowers teachers to truly personalize instruction using real-time proficiency data about each learner, has exciting new functionality. Educators now have the ability to create assignments aligned to popular print programs like Eureka Math, EngageNY, and Cathy Fosnot’s Contexts for Learning Math. AssignFocus by Print Program is a great way to introduce new concepts, bridge learning gaps, or prepare for an assessment—all while aligning with state and regional standards, and closely supporting classroom instruction. 

Today, students in most classrooms have a wide range of prior knowledge and math proficiency, often because districts and standardized accountability tests use a child’s birthdate and age to assign them to a grade level and measure their progress. DreamBox’s Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ engine takes this into account and automatically differentiates lessons for each student based on prior knowledge, demonstrated ability, and readiness for learning.

Teachers access student- and classroom-level usage, growth, and proficiency reports in DreamBox to create short- and long-term assignments for their students. Then, DreamBox automatically differentiates those assignments for each student based on their previous exposure to that topic in the DreamBox curriculum.

New AssignFocus functionality empowers educators to create assignments in DreamBox that align to the print programs they use in their classroom. Starting today, DreamBox supports Eureka Math, EngageNY, and Contexts for Learning Math. Teachers can easily set the desired print program by navigating to the setting tab at the top of their Insight Dashboard. DreamBox assignments are created at the module and topic levels in EngageNY and Eureka, and at the unit level in Context for Learning Mathematics.


There’s also a new way for teachers to get up to speed on the math topics they assign

When teachers use DreamBox AssignFocus to complement their classroom lessons, they can also access relevant professional development (PD) and improve their understanding of the topics they’re teaching. Whether they need a quick refresher or simply want to deepen their math knowledge in a particular area, just-in-time professional learning content is now just a click away—accessible via the blue PD icon that appears next to the assigned topic. With one-click access to MyFlexPD™, educators can quickly view valuable learning materials, including short videos that demonstrate strategy, sample lesson plans, teacher tools, and more.

To learn more about how educators can leverage the newly enhanced DreamBox AssignFocus feature to personalize instruction and improve outcomes, read the press release.

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