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The effects of student laptops in the classroom

With the ever growing role of technology in the classroom, it's no surprise that laptops have found their place. Teachers are beginning to use these computers to increase student success and enhance the curriculum from which many will benefit. According to ERIC Digest, laptops have been a part of organized education practices since 1988. However, their popularity has skyrocketed in past years. The only question is, are these laptop programs helping or hurting student learning? In examining the issue, it appears the perks largely outweigh the disadvantages.

The benefits of laptops
Studies have been done regarding the effect of laptops in elementary and secondary schools. The Eastern Township School Board had 2,712 students and 389 teachers participate in this study, which worked to test the role of the laptop and how it affected things like writing skills, creativity, effective work methods and more. The overall results were overwhelmingly positive. According to, students demonstrated higher motivation, extended and simplified access to information, improved writing skills, greater creativity, better overall quality of work, enriched teamwork, increased feelings of academic competence and a great propensity to benefit from individualized learning.

One of the biggest advantages to this method of learning is that it's always up-to-date. While textbooks have to constantly come out with new editions in order to meet the needs of the ever-changing world, laptops are always there to discover the most current information in a fast and easy way.

Incorporating laptops into the classroom early on can also help ease students into the use of technology. This is something that tomorrows leaders are going to have to learn and get used to in order to be prepared for future careers. These laptops are especially important if students are not exposed to this technology at home. The classroom is where they can learn and acquire new skills.

Personalized learning is also made easy with technology's ability to go over concepts with which students may struggle. These digital resources can help reinforce more difficult material.

Intel's laptop for elementary students
There are even companies looking to customized technology to assist both students and teachers in the classroom. Intel Corporation came out with a laptop especially for students in elementary schools. This laptop, called the Convertible Classmate PC, has a large storage capacity, a keyboard, rotating abilities to transform into a tablet and is built for students. If they drop the laptop, its rugged qualities can help it to withstand stress.

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