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The Latest Free DreamBox Teacher Tool: Open Number Line: Developing Number Sense™

At DreamBox our passion is bringing math to life for all students! So we have created math resources for teachers – free teacher tools with interactive virtual manipulatives that any teacher can access free to support math learning in the classroom.

Research suggests that using virtual manipulatives can help students develop a richer understanding of concepts, even more than using physical tools, and can be particularly useful for students with language difficulties. (Read the DreamBox blog on using virtual manipulatives to teach early numeracy.)


The DreamBox open number line tool

Open Number Line: Developing Number Sense™
The interactive open number line is the most recent DreamBox Teacher Tool we’re offering to teachers for free! Teachers can use the open number line virtual manipulative within a variety of instructional contexts.

With it, you can support the development of number sense and computational fluency. For example:

  • Envision numbers as the magnitude of distances on a line, as equivalent quantities, and by their proximity to landmark numbers.
  • Explore operations (addition, subtraction, etc.) to support the development of various efficient strategies for computational fluency.

Since it is not attached to a specific type of problem, teachers can use it to solve a range of problems and represent students’ strategies. The virtual open number line can be used to explore mathematical ideas including counting, skip counting, addition and subtraction, and modeling situations.

For ideas on using DreamBox Learning’s open number line tool with stand-alone activities or as a supplement to an existing math curriculum, visit DreamBox also provides resources to support the professional development of teachers as they learn to incorporate the virtual manipulatives in the classroom: tutorials and suggestions for using the tools in lessons.

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