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Supporting Math Learning: The Six DO’s for Families and Teachers

This months NCTM’s President’s Message, focuses on how to help your child or student with math. This instantly reminded me of doing homework after school, struggling with a math problem, and asking my mother for help. When she heard the problem she apologized–she couldn’t remember how to do the math I was working on.

NCTM’s President, J. Michael Shaughnessy, offers some great advice to parents and teachers on how to support their children and students when they’re in need of math help. He encourages parents and teachers to “(1) Remember, mathematics is important, and we can all do it. (2) Work together as a team with your child—don’t show how to do it. (3) Investigate the NCTM resources that can provide assistance when helping your children with their math work.”

Shaughnessy has provided a list of six DO’s for families and their math students to encourage math learning at school and at home:

  1. Be positive
  2. Link mathematics with daily life
  3. Make mathematics fun
  4. Learn about mathematics-related careers
  5. Have high expectations for your students
  6. Support homework—don’t do it!

We have a number of resources already on our site to get you started on your ‘do’ list. Starting with this very blog! Thanksgiving dinner math activities gives children real life opportunities to use math and these 7 cool jobs that require math learning may inspire your children to a future career.

Share with us how you support your children or students! How do you make math engaging? Are your children interested in a career using math? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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