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Tips for Hosting a Family Math Night at Your School

Building home connections with DreamBox has never been easier

Research confirms what you already know: parent involvement improves student academic performance and social competence. But, how do you get busy and potentially math-averse learning guardians to engage with DreamBox? Simple. Make it fun.

A cursory search on Pinterest confirms that family game nights are all the rage. Since you’ve already got the game, all you have to do is don your hosting hat and make a night of it. We can help.

DreamBox has assembled a starter kit to help principals and teacher leaders plan fun Family Math Night activities to help establish important home connections—and now is the perfect time to get your game on. It’s a new school year and a new opportunity for teachers, students, and families to build year-long relationships that support lifelong learning. Plus, Family Math Night is a great way to connect what your students do in the classroom to what they do at home.

Still, it can be a challenge to entice busy learning guardians to attend school functions, especially when the event has “math” in the title. Fear not. Remember, DreamBox is not some wieldy worksheet from decades past. DreamBox is designed to be interactive and engaging no matter what skill set you bring to the table (or, should we say tablet?).

The best way to introduce parents and learning guardians to DreamBox is to let them experience it for themselves. Pick a night and download the starter kit to begin planning your DreamBox-themed Family Math Night now. Everything you need, including links to printable posters, videos, take-home flyers, and more, is included in the kit.

The whole idea is to show parents and guardians how easy it is to log in to their Family Insight Dashboard from home and navigate important reports, like the Activity Feed. Once they know their way around DreamBox, they’ll be better equipped to understand what their student is learning and how they can best support them throughout the school year.

Be sure to cap off the festivities by sending folks away with helpful resources they can use to reinforce and empower learning with DreamBox at home. Don’t worry, the helpful resources are part of the kit too! Have fun!

FUN TIP: What’s game night without snacks? If you’ve got access to a microwave, popcorn is an inexpensive and thoroughly addictive addition to your Family Math Night that few parents will refuse. Invite them to pop over and play DreamBox!