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Top 5 Tech Hacks for Back-to-School Success

Teacher tools & tips to start the year off right

Back to school  is an exciting time of year for teachers that can also be overwhelming if they don’t have the right tools and tricks to get classrooms and students up to speed. Whether you’re implementing adaptive technology like DreamBox Learning Math in your Blended Learning classroom or simply seeking personalized learning support, it’s important that students, teachers, and technology are each set up for the new school year to ensure success, both for learners and educators. Here are our top 5 tech hacks for back-to-school success so your implementation goes off without a hitch!

  1. Plan ahead
    Getting a jump start on your school year both one month and one to two weeks before implementing your technology is a great way to kick things off so there aren’t any big surprises before the first day of class. Questions you should be asking:
  • Are your student rosters and class lists updated?
  • Are your students starting the year at the appropriate class level?
  • Have you created a plan of how to introduce the program?
  • Have you identified the playing opportunities (time and place) for your students?


  1. Embrace your support system
     Professional development is vital as you begin to address any issues or questions about implementing your adaptive technology and dig into your daily schedule. Seeking out the support you need, whether it’s a designated tech coach or teacher support team, will help you gain knowledge, know when and how to adjust instruction based on data, and practice deeper learning.


  1. Bookmarks are your friend
    Ensure devices (like laptops and iPads) are prepped and ready to go. Confirm that any relevant bookmarks and icons are easy to locate to improve ease of use for students and other teachers who might need extra guidance.


  1. Engage Parents
    Think about your parent community and the tools you can provide to best support their child’s learning at home. Questions you should be asking:
  • Is this program available outside of the classroom?
  • Is a parent night the best way to introduce it?
  • Have you established a log-in procedure for parents?
  • How will you leverage the technology to have deeper conversations with parents about their child’s learning?


  1. Go for the Goal
    Setting goals (completing 5-8 lessons per week) with students to track their engagement, and then following up by checking weekly usage will help move your learners forward in their success. Rewarding students when they’ve reached their goals will empower them with confidence. It’s equally important to identify the outliers and take the time to reflect with students who aren’t meeting their goals to better understand how they are learning and when to adjust your instruction.

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