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Tracking your Students’ Progress in DreamBox Just Got Easier

How to use the newly enhanced Classroom Overview report to inform instruction

Attention, DreamBox teachers! The next time you log into your Insight Dashboard, be sure to look for the banner at the top of the screen touting the newly updated Classroom Overview report. To access, while in the Classroom Overview report, toggle to “Grade” view or click the Check it Out button in the upper right-hand corner.

The new Grade view report displays learning progress across multiple grade levels, so you can easily identify students who are performing below, at, and above grade-level, and tailor your class time accordingly. You’ll still have access to the List view, but this new Grade view option enables you to quickly and easily:

  • Monitor learning and growth for a specific time period, and over time
  • Identify and sort common areas of focus and learning proficiency to create more effective groups
  • Track how your students are progressing against standards across multiple grades

Now you can quickly see at a glance where your students are progressing and where they may need to spend additional time. To take a deeper dive, simply click on the box under each grade level to view progress against each standard (as shown below).

This new Grade view makes it easier to surface the important proficiency data you need quickly, so you can better identify areas for growth and create strategic learning groups based on your students’ needs.

Log in to your Insight Dashboard now and click on the Check it out button in the upper right-hand corner to access this exciting new feature of the Classroom Overview report. And, don’t worry, you can easily toggle between the familiar List view and the new Grade view—so you can quickly switch from summary to detailed reporting, and back. We encourage you to take a few minutes to explore this new functionality to see how you can leverage it to increase student achievement. When you’re done, please tell us what you think. You’ll see a link under the Print button that you can click to share your feedback with our development team.

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