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Training Our Mathletes

Sorry, but this is a short commercial for a great non-profit program, The Math Olympiad.
The program is a great way to get kids excited about doing fun and challenging math. I had a chance to be involved with this a couple years back when I co-coached our elementary school’s team. The kids really enjoyed the teamwork and competitive spirit of it – which are aspects generally missing from the math classroom.

Math Olympiad has programs for elementary school, grades 4-6, and middle school, grades 6-8. Last year 150,000 students and 5,000 teams participated. Check with your school, it may already have a program going. If not, consider starting one. And if you have a late elementary or middle school child who needs more challenge, consider buying one of their books filled with great past contest problems.

For more information on Math Olympiad or to order any of their books, check out their site.

And for a truly international math experience, check out World Math Day on March 4th!

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