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Use DreamBox Learning K-3 Math Free in Summer School Classes!

DreamBox Learning K-3 Math is perfect for summer school! Students will learn an in-depth math curriculum that’s highly individualized to their needs, and they’ll love playing the fun adventure games.

So we’ve made it easy to integrate DreamBox into your summer school math program – we made it free! Any school with a summer program can sign up to use DreamBox for the duration of your program (it’s set up for 30 days, but we can extend it for you).

When your students play DreamBox in summer school, they get:

  • Web-based differentiated instruction and assessment
  • Rigorous academic content based on National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Focal Points
  • DreamBox develops conceptual understanding, computational fluency, and problem-solving ability
  • Teachers can track detailed student progress on a Teacher Dashboard

Best of all, students can’t wait to play DreamBox. We hear from teachers and students all the time, telling  us how excited they are to play and learn math!

Want to hear what kids think first hand?
Here are verbatim student comments that were shared with us just this week:

“It is so fun that I can berelee keep myself off of it.”
“I like it because I can learn what I want to when I want to.”
“I like the adventures that I go on when I am doing math.”
“It makes me think and it has lots of math problems.”
“It has big challgis”
“Because I can learn more math and go as high as I want to go and I don’t hafe to wiat for the slow kids.”
“You can learn and do math with your character”
“It helps me subitize”
“It has lots of math and I am in charj!”

How are schools using DreamBox?

  • It’s easy to use and there is no software to download
  • Students can use DreamBox in very flexible ways. Typical use varies from 30 – 60 minutes, 2 – 5 times a week
  • It’s great for intervention students, full classrooms, and enrichment activities

Here’s how you can sign up to use DreamBox in your summer school program now.

And if you’re not the teacher or administrator who will run your summer program, we’d appreciate it if you’d share this blog with the person in charge!

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