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Using DreamBox to Monitor Progress and Set Learning Goals for Students

How to create long-term assignments using the Assignments feature

Today’s teachers rely on a number of tools to help them monitor progress and set learning goals for their students, including assessments, class work, anecdotal notes, and more. As part of their ever-expanding toolkit, math teachers are also turning to DreamBox data to inform their instructional practice and better personalize objectives for each learner.

Embedded formative assessment and automatic progress reports make it easy for educators to identify gaps, set goals, monitor ongoing progress, and predict when students will meet their learning objectives. The Assignments feature in DreamBox is particularly helpful for response to intervention (RtI) programs or multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS).

Using Assignments, teachers can create short- and long-term differentiated assignments that automatically align to a student’s personal learning goals and level of readiness. While short-term assignments are great for introducing a concept, reinforcing a topic taught in class, or providing additional review, long-term assignments are better for intervention, or helping students progress in targeted areas, like catching up on concepts that are below grade level.

With long-term assignments, you can schedule anywhere from two to ten weeks’ worth of lessons for a struggling student. You can also choose to align those lessons with DreamBox learning units, Common Core State Standards (CCSS), or your own classroom print program. Right now, DreamBox supports three popular print programs: Eureka Math, EngageNY, and Contexts for Learning Math.

Teachers can also specify the grade level and subcategory such as domain or standard, and lesson group. The assigned lessons will be presented to your student the next time he or she logs in, marked with a special blue icon in the student’s lesson chooser. You can assign up to two distinct topics at any given time. DreamBox will continuously present the lessons for up to ten weeks or until the student demonstrates proficiency.

Use real-time reports to inform instruction

DreamBox provides several key pieces of data to use for tracking intervention effectiveness and monitoring progress. From the Assignments History report, you can easily view how much time a student has spent on the assignment, the number of assigned lessons he or she has completed to date, and the total percentage of progress made on their pathway of learning. DreamBox empowers educators with real-time data and up-to-the-minute insights so they can better personalize learning for their students, and drive better outcomes.

If you’re already using DreamBox and would like to learn more about setting up long-term assignments for your students using the Assignments feature, check out this short video. You can also access additional videos and professional learning content by clicking on the Resources and MyFlexPD tabs at the top of your Insight Dashboard. If you’re not a DreamBox user, but want to see for yourself how DreamBox empowers teachers to monitor progress, set learning goals, and meet the needs of all students, request your free demo now.

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