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Valentine Sorting Activity

If you have children, chances are good that they brought home a box of valentines this week…you may wonder what to do with this box of small cards once the candy is eaten. Well, before you recycle them or put them away in a memory box, try this fun sorting activity. Help your children look for ways to sort the valentines into groups (such as “Valentines with hearts” and “Valentines without hearts”). Once they get the hang of it, try using multiple categories. Here are a couple of variations if you want to turn sorting into a game:

  1. One player names categories and the other player sorts the cards. Take turns with each role.
  2. One player sorts the cards (but keeps the categories a secret!) and the other player tries to guess the categories they used. Take turns with each role.
    Category ideas:

  • Colors
  • Specific words or phrases (such as “Be Mine!” or “Friend”)—this is especially fun for early readers
  • Shape of the actual valentine
  • Size

The Value of Playing Math Learning Games with your Children

This kind of activity can be done with lots of objects (shapes, toys, coins, stamps, or just about any other collection you can think of). It provides opportunities for sorting, classifying, and comparing, which support the development of patterning skills. Be prepared to have lively discussions about Valentines that fit into more than one category or none of the existing categories! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Another fun classroom math activity is coming up on March 4th: World Math Day. Be sure to check it out!

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