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SXSWEdu 2015 Panel Voting

2015: SXSWedu Panel Increasing Access and Equity for Student Success

 As SXSWedu PanelPicker voting draws to a close on Friday, Sept. 5, there is still time to support important  equity and access questions that are so critical to ensuring the success of our children, now and in the future.  I’ve been invited to participate at SXSWedu panels on these topics, but in order to do so, I need your support. To inform your voting, here are details on these exciting panels for March, 2015.

Ed-Tech for Educational Inclusion

How do we get to the crux of inequality in the education system and how can educators better address the needs of students from diverse backgrounds? How do we implement new approaches and technologies that play to each individual student’s learning strengths in order to cultivate confidence and empowerment within young people to meet the demands of a globalized future? There are new learning technologies and strategies available to educators for disrupting patterns of educational disparity. As leaders in the education industry, we want to ensure that all students are provided with the opportunities to succeed both inside and outside the classroom, as we are preparing them to become the next generation of global innovators.

A dynamic group of panelists with various backgrounds and perspective will be participating, including LeVar Burton, who recently raised a very successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the beloved “Reading Rainbow” program to the web. It’s a perfect example of how we can bring energy and engagement to foster a love of learning.

Tech × Teacher Prep × Disruption = Student Success

How do we meet the constantly evolving needs of our students? Along with those needs and 21st century challenges, the educational landscape must adapt, transform and grow. In this discussion, there will be a focus around how both technology and mentorships are crucial factors in student success.  With improved access to educational technology tools, as well as educators that are motivated and enthusiastic, we can foster a learning environment in which students thrive.

I’ll be joined by a group of outstanding educators who’ll be speaking from their own experiences on how we, as active members of the education community, need to work together to strive for successful teachers and student success.

Women Disruptors 2.0

How are women changing the status quo in education?  The impactful conversation I was a part of last year continues in 2015 Joined by three other woman who are leaders in education, we will discuss our own personal experiences as female advocates in today’s education environment.

How to vote

Simply go to SXSWedu PanelPicker before September 5, 2014 for easy directions to open your account and then make your voice heard. I encourage you all to vote and help move the education access and equity conversation forward in a forum that has national impact.  

Jessie Woolley-Wilson