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We hear every day about the concern parents have about their kids’ math education. We hear it when parents tell is — as they did in our recent parent survey — that they don’t think their kids are getting individualized math teaching in school, or they’d like to get more communications from their children’s teachers about what they’re learning. We hear it when we read in the news that the math curriculum for local schools is being debated. And we hear it every time a new study comes out on the need to prioritize public education, especially math education, in order to ensure a competitive economy and good jobs in the future.

But, while many parents want to be actively involved in their kids’ day-to-day learning activities, many aren’t sure just how to go about it. This can be especially true where math is concerned. Families may spend a lot of time encouraging reading but may not put the same emphasis on math literacy.

Parent update heroDid you know that DreamBox can help you with this? The monthly DreamBox Parent Update is an informational resource for parents. We share a wide range useful information such as “How to judge the educational value of games and toys”, “Kids’ kitchen math”, and how to “Make the most of your math moments!” in the car, at bedtime, and much more! And each month we also include a specific math learning tip or game you can play with your early elementary-age children.

We also create monthly DreamBox Math Activity Calendars for parents to print out and hang someplace handy, so on many days each month you can have a fun math-related holiday to talk about or activity to do.

Any parent can sign up to receive the free monthly Parent Update, and you’ll get all this great information and fun activities to do at home!

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