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Welcome Back DreamBoxers!

And have we ever got some exciting new DreamBox features for you! As a wave of bright new energy rolls into the brand new school year, students, parents, and education professionals prepare to unleash growth potential in math. Get ready for new ways to promote learning and gain deeper insights.
A new year and fresh options––here’s what we’ve added to DreamBox

Closed Captioning available in both English and Spanish––students can toggle it on and off as they wish. The best news about this new feature is that it increases accessibility for hearing-impaired students. Also, for classrooms that don’t have headphones, it enables a quiet individual experience. And teachers can see at a glance the current work on each student’s screen.

New Geometry Lessons to guide students through new concept explorations with interactive virtual manipulatives.
Easy Log In that lets students just key in the unique code for their class to access their DreamBox lessons. Less time logging in, more time having fun learning math.

Three new Assignments Programs support teachers even more to align personalized student lessons with planned curriculum. Your dashboard data tells you where students need extra assistance to grasp an idea. Investigations3, Math Expressions, and Bridges in Mathematics are now here to help get them there.

New measures for Assignments makes it easy for teachers to individualize lessons and track student progress with measurements from The Quantile Framework® for Mathematics.

New Choices in Learning Environment Transitions give educators control of when students transition from the K-2 learning environment to the 3-5 learning environment. (This change won’t alter the lesson content at all.) Just go to the Learning Environment tab on the Settings page in the Insight Dashboard. And presto! Your students delight in their new move up the ladder of math learning.

All of you teachers out there, what an amazing job you do to engage, encourage, inspire, build confidence, and help your students make sense of math in a lively digital terrain. We’re excited to bring you new DreamBox enhancements to help strengthen your math program. We are partnered with you in passion for math learning. And dedicated to empowering you in this endeavor without adding any more work to your already busy day––and your sparkling new school year.

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