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What Place Does Fun Have in Learning?

We’ve just wrapped up our series on the “Top Educational Toys”—we had a good time catching up on some cool learning toys. Hey, we were going to go shopping for our kids, nieces, and nephews anyway! But in the course of writing it we never really took the opportunity to talk about why learning by playing is so important.

Kids are simply more receptive to learning when they’re having fun. And lots of experts say that play not only fosters learning but it’s also an essential part of a child’s overall well-being. Play enhances kids’ cognitive capacity when it gives them opportunities for trial and error, problem solving, and decision making while encouraging their participation in a fun, rewarding environment—that’s what makes play both intellectually stimulating and emotionally gratifying.

Resources for Balancing Playing and Learning

A while back one of our regular parent newsletters talked about the importance of play in learning—in that article we offered parents a number of resources to learn more about the subject. I’ll share those links again here in case you missed it.

You can also read the original newsletter article on our site.

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