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What We Did on Summer Vacation

Your back-to-school brief on what’s new with DreamBox

The “What I did on my summer vacation” essay has become something of a back-to-school rite of passage for students everywhere. If you’re like me, you probably experienced a mix of dread and delight at being asked to recount your summer exploits in five hundred words or more. After all, there’s a certain amount of pressure to tell an enviable story—and not everybody gets to go to Disney or summer camp.

Well, this year DreamBox couldn’t be more delighted to dish about the things we’ve been up to the last few months. We made some new friends (in fairly high places), checked off a ton of things on our to-do list, and picked up a couple of trophies along the way. But, before you get the idea that this post is all about us, let me explain how what we did this summer is really about you and your students.

Let’s start with the really big news first. This summer DreamBox earned the confidence and financial backing of The Rise Fund—a global impact investing fund managed by private equity firm TPG. Their $130 million investment in DreamBox will help to fuel more learning innovations and enable us to further evolve our existing product and service offerings—which is all good news for current and prospective DreamBox users. It’s the biggest single investment in a U.S.-based education technology company this year and the funds will go a long way toward helping us to realize our shared goals of improving student outcomes and increasing teacher capacity.

As if that news weren’t exciting enough, we also have a new addition to our Board of Directors—one we think you’ll recognize and appreciate. Arne Duncan, former U.S. Education Secretary under the Obama administration and senior education advisor to The Rise Fund, will soon join DreamBox’s esteemed Board of Directors! We’re thrilled to have his counsel.

Meanwhile, DreamBox’s development team spent the summer adding exciting new features to the platform, including more ways to differentiate instruction. Now DreamBox aligns to more print programs than ever before, and the list keeps growing.

We also uploaded fresh content and tools to the Insight Dashboard to make it easier for new DreamBox teachers to get up to speed fast. And we expanded our professional learning course offerings to help every member of your math team to realize the full potential of a blended-learning practice.

We certainly packed a lot into our summer and I’ve only touched on the highlights here. For  more details on what’s new with DreamBox, including all the latest product updates and innovations available to educators right now, download our back-to-school flyer, “4 Reasons to Cheer the New School Year.”

Of course, I could just continue to wax poetic here, but like most “What I did on my summer vacation” essays, the rule is 500 words. Why start overachieving now?

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