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What’s in a Name?

One of our favorite things to do as we prepare to release a new beta is to invite parents and their child(ren) to come to our offices for early usability testing; mostly because it gives us a chance to observe and interact on many levels. While most conversations usually center on the product experience, over the last month, a surprising number of parents asked how we came up with the name DreamBox Learning. So here it is.

Companies can spend a lot of time and resources searching for a brand identity. As a start-up, however, we had neither. But we did have Sarah Daniels (our then newly hired Vice President of Marketing) and Brad Chase (our advisor/investor) to guide us through the process, which can be very emotional for founders. At the highest level, we determined that as a web service it was important to find a name that was easy to spell, meaningful, appropriate, trademarkable, and last but not least, available as a .com domain. So after doing battle with an old, thick thesaurus for months, and rejecting a few doozies* along the way, we landed on DreamBox Learning. And with some formal and informal field testing, we officially passed the mantle from SchoolSoft Corporation (our original incorporated name) to DreamBox Learning, and added a great logo along the way.

Why DreamBox Learning?

Now what very few people know is that the name DreamBox is a mild homage to the great brands of Cranium and Noggin. How so? Because “dream box” is an antiquated expression that refers to your head — as in your dream box.

*As a company that provides individualized instruction, I must admit I was pretty partial to “HeaderGenius” for a while . . . fortunately, I was all alone on that one.

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