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What’s New

The DreamBox development team has done it again! In following through on our promise to continuously innovate and provide actionable insight into student learning, we are excited to share our latest enhancement to DreamBox. Don’t take our word for how cool it is. Login and experience it for yourself

View Dashboard Usage

The DASHBOARD USAGE tab surfaces the frequency at which teachers in their school are using their Dashboard. This information provides insight into whether teachers are reviewing data from DreamBox. Teachers may be monitoring the data to learn more about what students are doing in DreamBox. Or, they may be using the dashboard to make data-informed decisions that support student learning and differentiated instruction. Teacher dashboard usage data can help start a conversation about student math proficiency and data-informed decision making.

Activity Feed Enhancement

There’s even more ways to celebrate your students’ success! Check the Activity Feed and look for our newest card: Standard Completed with Proficiency!

Edit Student Environment

If a student in Grade 3+ has not yet entered the 3-5 environment, teachers can manually move them by going to the LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Tab on their Insight Dashboard. Learn more about this feature.

New Academic Standards Alignment: Oklahoma and Georgia

Teachers and administrators can now view student progress and proficiency against the Oklahoma and Georgia standards from their Insight Dashboard. View all of our standard alignments.

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