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What’s New

The DreamBox development team has done it again! In following through on our promise to continuously innovate and provide actionable insight into student learning, we are excited to share our latest enhancement to DreamBox. Don’t take our word for how cool it is. Login and experience it for yourself!  

Activity Feed Enhancements. Get specific details about what your students are working on.

In addition to usage and progress data, you can see what your students have been working on in DreamBox over thlast 30 days. Activity Feeds at the classroom and the student level provide actionable information on the Dreambox Lesson Groups your students are working on and their success in completing specific lessons.

Each Lesson Card provides insight into how well the student understood the lesson. Beneath each Lesson card is a description of how the lesson was ended. You’ll see descriptions like Lesson Completed with Demonstrated UnderstandingLesson Completed with No Demonstrated Understanding, or Lesson Paused. You’ll also be able to play the lesson your students are working on. This new information will allow you to hone in quickly on how to support each student.   

New tools for teachers!

  • Teacher Assignments in DreamBox.  With AssignFocus™, when you create an assignment in DreamBox the lessons are automatically tailored for every student.
  • New growth and proficiency metrics. DreamBox now reports student growth and proficiency in terms of your local state standards. We’ve heard from many teachers that they want to understand how progress in DreamBox correlates to their own state standards—so, we’ve made this easier to see!

    Growth and proficiency are now represented in terms of Standards Met. Teachers can see how many standards a students has completed in a specific time frame and can also identify which of the standards were met. What about administrators? They can still track school and grade-level growth through the existing growth percentages.

Expanded Lesson Library

We’ve added 75 new lessons covering Geometry, Measurement and Data, Operations & Algebraic Thinking, and Expressions and Equations to DreamBox. Our lesson library now covers over 2,000 research-based interactive lessons in English and Spanish.

Teacher and Administrator Hubs

The Hubs are online resources for districts and schools using DreamBox Learning Math as part of their math curriculum. Find, download, and share Teacher Tools, lesson plans, and student motivators to support your instruction. In addition to searching for and sharing lesson resources, find professional learning guides and best practices for personalized learning in your classroom, school, and district. Be sure to bookmark and in your browser!

Even More PD OnDemand Modules Now Available!

With everything you have to do, taking time out of the classroom for professional development is not always possible. This is why we created PD OnDemand. These self-paced PD courses are designed to benefit both beginning and experienced teachers, so everyone gets the PD they need when they need it. Log in today at

Now Available

  • Demystifying Fractions and Decimals
  • Making Math Real for Families
  • Interactive White boards in Math Instruction
  • Analyzing Data to Inform Instruction

New Efficacy Results

Harvard Measures the Impact of DreamBox Learning Math

A new research study from The Center of Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University shows that DreamBox Learning Math impacts student learning outcomes. The study examined the impact DreamBox usage had an individual test scores of nearly 3,000 students in grade 3-5 in two different school districts in California and Maryland comprised of culturally and economically diverse students. The results concluded that DreamBox usage considerably increased students’ achievement in math. 

Read the study


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