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What’s New – June 2016

We are excited to announce that this past year marked a huge milestone with over 2 million students using DreamBox Learning Math as a part of their instruction across the United States and Canada. And we’re not done yet!  Your feedback is driving change and continuous innovation. See what’s new and what’s on the horizon!

New Efficacy Results

Harvard Measures the Impact of DreamBox Learning Math

A new research study from The Center of Education Policy Research (CEPR) at Harvard University shows that DreamBox Learning Math impacts student learning outcomes. The study examined the impact DreamBox usage had an individual test scores of nearly 3,000 students in grade 3-5 in two different school districts in California and Maryland comprised of culturally and economically diverse students. The results concluded that DreamBox usage considerably increased students’ achievement in math.

Read the study

Product Enhancements


New teacher assignment controls enable real-time personalization. When you create an assignment in DreamBox the lessons are automatically tailored for every student so you don’t have to spend extra time creating custom content.

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New reports and reporting features

Standards Proficiency Classroom Overview

Whether tracking progress against your curriculum, determining readiness for an assessment, or surfacing gaps in student learning, the Standards Proficiency Classroom Overview allows you to see students' proficiency on all standards within a grade. With just quick scan, you can decide which standards are most important to focus attention on.

Reporting Features

A new set of features are available to simplify how you view your data:

  • Custom Date ranges are now supported on many reports.
  • Standards proficiency data can now be exported into an XLS format, covering all standards for all students in your class, for simplified data management

Roster Management Features

A new set of features are available to simplify how you manage your school and classroom rosters:

  • Edit Student User Name: This much-requested feature is now available to you at the student level and classroom roster level.
  • To improve the bulk copy process used to provision their rosters, there is a new label in the Source Roster section that tells you how many students you've selected.

Expanded Lesson Library

We’ve added 59 new lessons covering Geometry and Measurement and Data.  Our lesson library now offers over 2,200 interactive lessons in English and Spanish.

Expanded Professional Learning Catalog

Your learning is just as important as your students, so our focus is on empowering you to reach new heights in your instructional practice. Our new professional learning resources include:

  • Increasing Student Motivation
  • Using interactive Whiteboards in Math Instruction
  • Demystyfing number sense: addition and subtraction
  • Demystyfing number sense: multiplication and division

Platform Updates

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Automated Roster Management

For customers who want single sign-on and an automated roster management solution but don’t want to use Clever, we now have an alternative. Customers who use Active Directory servers (ADFS) can now use SAML 2.0 to connect directly to DreamBox and get a single-sign on experience. And Automated Roster Management (ARM) allows your district to automate the way you share classroom roster data with DreamBox through Secure FTP upload. Click here to learn more about our roster management solutions.

Coming Soon

  • New academic and behavioral alerts to surface important, timely information on student progress
  • Enhanced student reporting to show DreamBox usage, student proficiency, and allow for progress monitoring all in a convenient format
  • Expanded coverage of Grades 3-5 standards with new math lessons


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