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What’s New with the DreamBox Math Classroom?

Our team at DreamBox has been hard at work all summer making improvements to our Math Classroom program based on feedback from teachers, math coaches, and administrators.

We’ve streamlined the process for teachers to set up and manage their classrooms, improved reporting available to teachers and added special placements for students who are in intervention programs.

Try DreamBox yourself – no signup required

For teachers and administrators who are new to DreamBox Learning, my favorite new feature is that you can  now try DreamBox yourself with no sign-up required. Select which grade level you would like to explore, pass our placement assessments (marked with a yellow star) to skip a unit, or fail a placement assessment and experience the adaptive lessons within DreamBox. Use our virtual manipulatives, make mistakes, and see how DreamBox adapts, provides scaffolding, hints, and adjusts the difficulty based on each student’s answers. And as a teacher, you can move between grade levels at any time to explore more of the DreamBox curriculum, a choice not available to students.


Streamlined classroom management and student reporting

For those of you who have been using DreamBox in your classrooms we have streamlined the classroom management process with our improved Teacher Dashboard! Teachers can now easily move between multiple classrooms from a drop-down menu, and toggle between our overall classroom summary and our academic progress reports for each class. And DreamBox now offers one-click exports of our reports, so you can easily share student progress with other teachers and administrators in your school via email. Or you can request an export of the progress reports for all of your students at once for integration with your student database.

Create your new DreamBox classroom in minutes

And creating your new 2010-2011 classroom on DreamBox is easier than ever! DreamBox now offers one short form to create your new class, simplifying student signup. You can also search for students already using DreamBox in your school and district and move them in to your classroom. Based on feedback from math intervention teachers and others, DreamBox has added the ability for teachers to designate individual students or an entire class as being significantly below grade level, and we will adjust the initial placement within the DreamBox curriculum for these students.

Click here to read more about what is new in DreamBox Learning. You can also see many of the improvements and play different levels of DreamBox yourself as a teacher at

The team at DreamBox would like to thank all of the teachers, math coaches and administrators who have taken the time to offer DreamBox your feedback and suggestions on what would make our program even more accessible and effective! Please continue to let us know what works for you and how we can continue to improve DreamBox for you in the future!

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