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What’s the kindergarten teacher’s point of view about DreamBox?

Allendale Elementary School’s winning submission video for our Customer Story iPad contest is teacher-driven. Kelly Engel, one of Allendale’s kindergarten teachers, leads us step-by-step through the reasons why DreamBox is revolutionizing her classroom and her teaching.

Allendale Elementary, located just northwest of Denver, Colorado, is a Title I school where nearly 70 percent of the students qualify for free/reduced lunch and nearly 20 percent of the students are learning English as their second language. The school itself has just over 200 students.

Diversity requires differentiation

Ms. Engel’s first point is that DreamBox differentiates instruction for all learners. “It engages all students, no matter their level of learning,” she says in the video. Differentiation is important in a school as diverse as Allendale, particularly in kindergarten. DreamBox meets kids exactly where they are, and provides what they need at exactly the right time to level the playing field for every student.

Informing instruction

She then moved on to talk briefly about DreamBox’s reporting features. “A great feature of DreamBox is the reports it prints out right away for immediate feedback; which students are struggling, and which students are doing a fantastic job and are ready for some next steps.” These reports can be used to inform a teacher’s classroom instruction or help them group students by skill level so instructional time can be properly allocated.

The independent learner


Ms. Engel’s last point is about how DreamBox creates independent learners. Even kindergarteners can navigate the system, from the easy login screen through to the engaging lessons. To prove the point, in the video one little girl is able to start working in DreamBox in about 15 seconds on her iPad.

Overall, the students are engaged and have become invested participants in their learning. “Why are you using that ten-frame?” a teacher asks one student working on a laptop. “To build numbers,” she replies.

While watching this video, it’s hard to believe these students are just starting their educational journey. With DreamBox, they are more independent, confident, and excited about math.

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