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Who Gets to Play Third Grade Math? Beta Winners Announced!

My kindergartener was just begging me to let her play more DreamBox last night instead of reading stories before bed.  She’s really loving it. –Victoria Rana, Bella’s Mom.

DreamBox 3rd grade math games previewDrum roll, please…

And our third-grade beta testers will be: Benjamin, entered by Noel Bush; Bella, entered by Victoria Rana; and Edgar, entered by Jennifer Shotts! Congratulations to our winners and we hope our 3rd grade math games keep them up after their bedtimes practicing math. (OK, not too long after their bedtimes!)

Thank you to everyone who wrote on our Facebook wall, tweeted to us, or commented on our contest blog post. The messages of support from our fans has been tremendous and we’ve come a long way since first premiering DreamBox’s kindergarten through 2nd grade math games, one year ago.

We can’t wait to announce third grade to the rest of the world! Please check back with us because IT’S COMING SOON!

Didn’t mean to shout. We’re just so pleased for our third-graders who will get to play in the DreamBox private beta.

And if you’re wondering about World Maths Day 2010, which we’ve been glued to, the total number of questions answered was 479, 732, 613 – a new world record! Avit P from Team Thailand was number one in the 5-8 age range, Kaya G from Australia (last year’s champion!)  conquered the 9-13 age range, and David A from Australia took a gold medal in the 14-18 age range.

Everyone is a winner in Lucky Math Month – download the April DreamBox Math Activity Calendar, and have fun with math all month!

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