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"DreamBox Learning is a window to the future"

A new article titled “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…” predicting that education technology is (finally!) going to transform education in the next five years has been published by chartered financial analyst Michael Moe and portfolio manager Luben Pampoulov. They point to recent investments by influential venture funds and the announcement that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. is buying Wireless Generation for $360 million – suggesting this represents an “inflection point” signaling that the education technology industry is finally going to realize its potential to impact education in a substantial way.

For more tangible evidence they point to the “quiet” growth in the number of students online with either a virtual class or blended mode, up from zero students 10 years ago; the digitization of textbooks; and more importantly, theĀ  improvements students have shown using innovative technologies.

DreamBox is pleased to be seen as part of the solution. According to the authors, “Student advancement will be determined by mastery of subject, not the time spent in class. Through real time and ongoing assessment, the ability to do on-the-fly prescription and “one-on-one” instruction is made possible. “Adaptive Technology” which is used with overwhelming success at companies like Amazon and Netflix, is being incorporated in learning technology that is getting smarter and more personalized with each click. DreamBox Learning is a window to the future showing remarkable results with kids playing math games and learning at an incredibly fast rate.”

The authors are so convinced of the importance of education technology and reform, they’ve created a free newsletter, neXt edu. You can sign up by emailing them at

By the way, thanks to crudbasher for bringing this report to our attention! His blog Education Stormfront is “Forecasting the coming storm in Education.”

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