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Winter 2020 New Lessons

The DreamBox Learning team is excited to release three new lessons on Friday, March 6th.  These lessons cover additional standards and represent brand new lesson formats that will give students a deeply enriching learning experience. Friday morning, look for a new banner in your dashboard announcing the availability of these lessons.

Let’s learn a bit more about the lessons:

Translating Expressions

Many of the DreamBox lessons already use real world and mathematical situations – sometimes in the form of word problems – to help students not only understand important math concepts but also engage in mathematical processes and practices.

Teachers have also asked for more traditional word problems to support their classroom needs, and we’re excited to deliver the first lessons in this format.

In Translating Expressions, students are asked to write simple numerical expressions that are related to a given verbal description in the lesson. Students then engage directly with the problem text in order to dynamically build an expression that represents the relationship between the given values with both single and double operators.

Add & Subtract Unlike Fractions

Through a series of lessons using different contexts, manipulatives, and models, students will learn to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators is a key concept to understand, yet students typically only learn a procedure to do so. As a result, they often lack a deeper conceptual understanding about why the common whole (or common denominator) is essential.

The intended outcome of these lessons is for students to become flexible in how they solve these problems. By working through lessons that have a bar model for time and money, an open-ended bar model, a number line, and eventually an equation-only model, students form a deeper understanding about what fractions, equivalent fractions, and common wholes represent.


In early elementary school, students first experience patterns involving shapes. They build their understanding by identifying a pattern, then completing a pattern, and finally extending a pattern. This algebraic thinking and reasoning continues in later grades when they recognize a counting pattern from a list of numbers and then complete that list of numbers that follow the same pattern. Finally, this understanding of patterns is extended as students identify an operative rule, given a series of inputs and outputs in a function.

The relationships observed in patterns of shapes, lists, and rules builds the mathematical reasoning that is necessary as students move into deeper algebraic concepts. For these new lessons, we cover the following lesson topics:

  • Patterns with Shapes, Colors, and Real-World Objects
  • Patterns with Lists
  • Patterns with a Rule

Updates to Reporting

Adding concepts to the DreamBox curriculum means there’s more to learn. 

Because we’ve added more objectives, your student is being measured against more content. As a result, it’s possible for Admins to see students Growth Percentage drop in District and School level reports. Additionally, teachers will see the new standards we support in their Classroom & Student Level reports

Lastly, we have updated the standards alignment for our Conversion lessons to better reflect what students are learning within DreamBox.  Those lessons are Ratios in Context: Measurement and Ratios and Division with Fractions, which now align with CCSS 5.MD.A.1.

All of these lessons will be available in both English and Spanish with Closed Captioning support in both languages.

You may also notice a new voice. We are currently transitioning our lesson content audio to computer-generated audio. With this technology, we can release new lesson content even faster, which means more learning opportunities for your students in the future. This audio technology also enables us to respond to your feedback by quickly making changes that provide a better learning experience for students. 

We hope that you find these new lessons useful, and we’re excited to hear about the great learning that will result from these additions.  If you’d to learn more about these lessons, or need additional support information, please visit our new lesson FAQ here.

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