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Winter Math Fun is Here!

‘Tis the season for merry and meaningful fun with math

The winter holidays are just three weeks away, and everyone at school is bustling to reach year-end goals and move toward well-deserved days of celebration and rest. Teachers, you’ve done wonderful math work with your students this fall. We’ve put together ideas to help them have fun keeping their skills up over the break, and sail into 2020 with math-learning momentum. Check out the DreamBox Winter Math Fun Pack for both online and offline ways to energize holiday math practice.

To start with, the Winter Math Fun Pack provides tools and tips to engage students in DreamBox while they’re on vacation. You’ll find a letter to parents in your Insight Dashboard, which invites the whole family to encourage their child to enjoy lessons during this season of renewal. How about some DreamBox fun while relaxing on the couch or at the kitchen table, with a plate of special treats nearby? The parent invitation is ready for you to print out and add to the Fun Pack, for students to bring home.

You might want to set holiday lesson or usage goals with each student. Decide together what they really think they can do. The Winter Math Fun Pack includes a calendar for them to write down what they accomplish each day. Teachers can also create a review assignment for students to go back over concepts they’ve learned since September. Oh, and let them know DreamBox has a surprise waiting for them, for just a short time.

Now, let’s cook up some offline holiday fun with math. The Winter Math Fun Pack offers ideas on working with fractions while measuring ingredients to bake cookies. And families can get their gift list out for the perfect opportunity to practice percentages. If that hand-knit blue scarf someone would love is marked 30% off its original price, then what does it cost? Once purchased, the present will need to be beautifully gift-wrapped. Students can measure and cut out a rectangle of wrapping paper that’s just the right size to cover a gift box.

There are plenty of ways to maintain skill in calculations, starting at home with party preparations for all the guests expected to share food and fun. Or, students may want to keep track of the temperature each day and calculate fluctuations over the course of a week. Taking a road trip to see relatives? Students can figure out the total expense of gas based on the number of miles traveled and the cost per gallon. If everyone gets together in the living room to eat yummy leftovers and watch football, students can count the yards players gain and lose during the game.

The Winter Math Fun Pack opens a virtual door to animated lessons and quizzes in the out of the ordinary Math in Real Life series, built around Ted Talks. Some lessons in the form of riddles await curious students, on topics such as Unstoppable Blobs, Trolls, and Vampire Hunters. And have you come upon realworldmath.org? The Fun Pack links to it for free holiday activities, videos, and interactive views of our planet that “take the math you learned in class and develop it further with problem-solving activities.”

With all this holiday feasting and indoor fun with family and friends, everyone may be ready to get outside for some fresh air. Students and parents can pull on jackets to stroll in the neighborhood and notice geometric shapes all around. The Winter Math Fun Pack even offers thoughts on practicing math while taking a walk. If students on a late-afternoon walk wonder at the sun going down so early, the Fun Pack is ready with creative ideas on learning all about the winter solstice and the movements of the sun.

Back inside, it’s time to shake off the cold, pour another mug of hot cocoa…and draw a DreamBox character! Check out the Winter Math Fun Pack to see the artistic guidance provided. 

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