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Working Toward Personal Obsolescence

Dear DreamBox Co-owners,

We stand ready to ship our 4th Beta in less than a year. An astonishing milestone, yet no heads swell among you. Instead, and with the same brute, elegant, and humble spirit that got you here, you turn your attention once again to shipping, learning, fixing, testing, planning, cutting, building, testing, and shipping anew. For many of you, this is because your march isn’t done until we reach V1/product launch. For others, it is when we serve all the children that we can. And for others still, the march will never end (mostly because you’re troubled overachievers).

I ask you though to please take a moment and reflect on what you’ve accomplished. You have already built a product like no other, and in a manner that is all your own. It is a warm reflection of you all and it speaks to your collective and individual sense of ownership and sensibilities. You also continue to self-organize in a way that does justice to both our customers and each other. It is because you have built a company where there is a democracy of ideas, where trust and reliance on one another mean something, and where no froth or sloth is endured.

In short, you all have made DreamBox a great place to ride to every day!

Thanks DreamBox Co-Owners!

Thanks DreamBox Co-Owners!

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