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World Maths Day Off and Running!

It’s official. World Maths Day is off and running, and so far with rip-roarin’ success!

“But how?” you ask. “It’s not March 3rd yet!”

It’s March 3rd somewhere in the world, though, and the competition exists across the world GMT, so students ages 5 through 18 can play each other until it is no longer March 3rd anywhere.

As of this blog post there are 41,580 participants online and over 128,948,000 correct answers! It looks like World Maths Day’s goal of breaking last year’s record of 452,681,681 correct answers is well under way.

So far Avalon Elementary’s 3rd grade class is leading the age 5-8 classroom category with 119,934 correct answers and Cypress Creek High School is rocking the age 14-18 classroom category. Even cooler, though, is the fact that students from all over the world are uniting in the name of math.

We can’t wait to see the final results of World Maths Day.

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