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Teacher and student back to school in the classroom on a laptop

Back to School 22

This fall, help students soar

Accelerate your students' learning with the most adaptive digital math and reading solutions.

Less screen time. More impact.

Targeted instruction on day one

Every student has unique learning needs. This year, teachers can meet students where they are the moment they set foot in the classroom. With DreamBox programs, students get on-demand, personalized support in minutes.

Teacher and elementary school student smiling

DreamBox Math

Personalized math

DreamBox Math is an easy-to-implement, adaptive math solution that provides K- 8 students with engaging, personalized instruction proven to build deeper mathematical understanding. 

  • Personalize the learning path - The program adjusts in real time based on student behavior, providing the right lessons, sequencing, and scaffolding at exactly the right time.
  • Build student confidence  - Students take ownership of their learning when they set and track goals, personalize avatars and work within incentivized gamified environments.
  • Automate lesson differentiation - Real-time reports and immediate lesson recommendations save educators time, so they can focus on teaching.
  • Track student growth - Easily monitor progress for any student, any standard, at any time. No testing required.
  • Make screen time matter - Students using DreamBox Math for one hour a week demonstrated over 5 percentile point gains in just 8 weeks.
Teacher and high school student using DreamBox Reading in classroom

DreamBox Reading

Personalized reading

DreamBox Reading is an adaptive personalized learning solution that provides targeted instruction and scaffolding to improve silent reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and motivation for students in grades 3 -12. 

  • Personalized guided practice - Improve fluency with the DreamBox Reading Guided Window. This tool reveals text at the rate each student reads, scaffolding the silent reading process so students focus on comprehension.
  • Motivate and engage learners - Offer students agency with a comprehensive library that empowers them to explore their interests and discover the experiences of others.
  • Quickly differentiate instruction - Access integrated teaching tools, video tutorials, writing prompts and lesson plans to support direct instruction and differentiation.
  • Access actionable insights - Robust data reports track student progress, inform instructional planning and connect students with secondary resources.
  • Impact learning - DreamBox Reading is proven effective. Students can achieve 2.5 years of growth in just 60 hours of personalized instruction.

Free resource!

Fall Readiness Guide: Ensuring every stakeholder has the tools, tips, and resources necessary to support students and staff.

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Students running out of the classroom with caps

Give time back to teachers

Use instructional hours for teaching, not tasking

Automate differentiated instruction from day one and simultaneously provide every student with personalized lessons to meet their needs.

Student in classroom writing on paper with rocket

Prepare students for blast off

Accelerate learning the moment they start

DreamBox provides adaptive instruction that can be implemented in minutes, executed by any educator in any learning environment and yields rapid results for students at every level in just weeks. With DreamBox, every student has a personal tutor at their fingertips. 

High school students working with teacher with rocket

Go from screen fatigue to screen intrigue

Make every minute of screen time matter

This year, skip passive screen time and digitized worksheets. Provide personalized digital instruction that engages students and improves learning outcomes in just one hour per week.  

Self-directed learning white paper icon

White paper

Put each student in the driver’s seat: Fostering a culture of self-directed learning

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Let’s chat about DreamBox for your students

DreamBox turns screen time into learning time. Our programs are proven to accelerate learning and drive student outcomes in just one hour a week. DreamBox Math and DreamBox Reading:

  • Ensure consistent instruction for all students, regardless of staffing constraints or other gaps.
  • Have a track record of success. No other digital learning solution has accelerated learning in just 1 hour a week, even throughout pandemic interruptions.
  • Personalize instruction at scale. DreamBox differentiates learning for every interaction, decision, approach and answer.
  • Empower students immediately and keep them engaged. Learners experience meaningful instruction personalized to their needs from day one.
Dreambox Learning
DreamBox Learning takes children from whereever they are to where they want to be by transforming the way they learn.
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