DreamBox Learning Case Studies

DreamBox’s Personalized Approach to Educator Professional Development
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Now in its second year of district-wide implementation, teachers at all six elementary schools in Southwest Allen County Schools are finding success with DreamBox. Students are experiencing overall growth on the NWEA MAP assessment and teachers consider DreamBox Learning to be a key component of that success.
Fayette County Doubles Growth on the Renaissance Star Math®
Fayette County, Georgia
The scaled score growth from Fall 2016 to Spring 2017 of students in Grades 1–7 who completed at least five DreamBox lessons per week was 97 percent higher than the STAR growth of student who didn’t use DreamBox. Furthermore, approximately 80 percent of Fayette County’s K–5 math teachers are now fully and consistently on board with small group instruction and DreamBox. Most educators confidently engage in routine, small group models using DreamBox as a key part of their rotation.
Driving Personalized Math Instruction in a Title I Focus School
Springfield, Missouri
In 2016, Westport achieved a 98 percent growth in student standards on DreamBox. In September 2016, 56 percent of students were working on first grade standards, and by October, 10 percent of that group had moved up to second grade standards. “Immediately we started seeing change,” says Dorsey. By the end of the year in May, only 5 percent of the population were still working on kindergarten standards. The school’s proficiency on an external District Standardized Assessment increased by 36 percent, the largest amount in several years. As Dorsey says, “We know that DreamBox is helping us bridge the gap to make significant growth for students.” Dorsey indicates, not only does it bridge the gap, but also assists with grade level expectations and growth.
DreamBox Learning Brings Double-Digit Gains on Statewide Exams for Kerrick Elementary Students
Louisville, Kentucky
Between 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years, the fourth-grade cohort experienced a 24.2 percentage point learning gain, and the fifth-grade cohort experienced a 26.1 percentage point learning gain. These learning gains outpaced the statewide gains of 3.1 percentage points and 6.5 percentage points respectively.
From intervention to universal growth
Waterloo, Indiana
After using DreamBox Learning Math in their math intervention programs for one year, NWEA MAP® scores across the board have improved in DeKalb Central School District. Additionally, district interventionists report that growth is occurring for all of their students.
2-3 Years Math Learning in 6 Months for ELL Students
Sioux Falls, Iowa
In less than six months, more than half of the 37 students in the Newcomers Program at Sioux Center High School who are enrolled in ELL Math have made gains between two and three years' worth of math learning.
First Graders See Over 2 Years of Growth
Las Vegas, Nevada
Students who used DreamBox more than 60 min per week progressed in the curriculum more than one year’s worth of learning while first graders saw an average over 2 years of growth.
Doubling Math Gains with Extended Learning Strategy
Ontario, Canada
Grade 4 students experienced nearly a year and a half of growth within the curriculum—followed by two years of growth during the second year. Students are not only better able to connect learning concepts to real-world concepts, but parents are also more engaged in their child’s learning at school and at home.
17% Increase in MCAS Math Proficiency
Salem, Massachusetts
Between 2013 and 2014’s MCAS testing, Carlton enjoyed an increase of 17 percent in math proficiency school-wide. 12 percent more students are now considered "advanced" under their measurement while 9 percent moved out of the "warning" category.
Increasing MAP assessment scores by 26 percent in 1 year
Middletown, New York
Students in blended learning math classrooms outperformed their peers by 26 percent and made learning gains equivalent to 21 percent (growing 1.21 years in a single year) more than expected on the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP assessment.
Middle School RTI Student Make Measurable Growth
Jessamine County, Kentucky
In fewer than four months, middle school students experienced half a grade level of growth within the DreamBox Learning curriculum and are making steady progress toward closing learning gaps.
Making an Impact in a High-Needs District on a Shoestring Budget
Valdosta City Schools, Georgia
After just one year of implementation, scores had improved nearly 10 percentage points. The strong results convinced administrators to scale up and implement DreamBox districtwide. Four years later, Dara Holt, the curriculum director for Valdosta City Schools (VCS), reports that DreamBox continues to boost achievement rates in K–5 schools across the district.
Personalized Instruction for 21,000 Students
Federal Way, Washington
Seeking a way to meld personalized learning and technology, this Washington district saw that DreamBox was the answer to the needs of their elementary and middle school students.
Exceeding API by 10 points in 1 Year
Santa Barbara, California
The lowest performing elementary school in Santa Barbara turned to DreamBox to turn their math proficiency around. They are now exceeding state targets.
In a Large District, 43 Percent Gained After 8 Months
Newark and Wilmington, Delaware
In the largest school district in Delaware, DreamBox helped increase the math proficiency of 3rd-5th grade students by as much as 43 percent just eight months after implementation.
Gaining While Others Are Losing: 4.1 Months of Learning Gained in a Summer
Summer Advantage, USA (in four states)
Summer learning loss is particularly prevalent in low-income students. These innovative summer camps not only help students stay on pace, but with DreamBox they actually raise achievement levels during the summer.
Laying the Numeracy Groundwork in K-2
Houston, Texas
DreamBox offered the differentiated math instruction and engaging visual environment that is effective in a diverse, multilingual implementation to lay the groundwork for long-term success.
Gaining 15% By Addressing Early Learning Gaps in Middle School
South New Rochelle, New York
The roots of a student’s lack of success in math often run far earlier than their grade level. DreamBox helped teachers at this middle school address gaps in conceptual learning that went back as far as kindergarten.
3,700 Students Preparing for the Rigor of the Common Core
Clarkstown, New York
With early intervention in primary grades a priority, this district found that the strongest visually based online program that increases rigor and numeracy skills is DreamBox Learning’s Intelligent Adaptive Learning™.
A Grade Level’s Worth of Gains in Six Months
Petaluma, California
With students using DreamBox for 100 minutes per week, Penngrove Elementary has increased their math achievement scores, as measured by the STAR Math Enterprise™ assessment, by one grade equivalent in six months—moving from an average grade equivalent score of 1.3 to 2.3.
Flexible RTI Tier 2 Instruction
Spokane, Washington
Spokane Public Schools, Washington State’s second-largest school district, implemented DreamBox district-wide to support math intervention and special education programs and accelerate growth for students who are scoring below standard.
60 Hours of Engagement with DreamBox
Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio and Austin, Texas
Over the course of a school year, students in the IDEA charter network are so engaged with blended learning that they are averaging over 60 hours of adaptive, individualized math instruction with DreamBox.
Even High-Performing Schools Have Room for 10% Gains
Howard County, Maryland
An already-excellent school had even loftier goals. When the goal is every student reaching proficiency, excellent classroom instruction can benefit from DreamBox’s adaptive learning approach for differentiation.
90% of Non-Proficient Students Now Working at Grade Level
San Jose, California
Rocketship Education students using DreamBox Learning at three Title I schools in San Jose were able to increase their national percentile ranking by an average 5.5 points after only 21 hours on the DreamBox Learning Math program.
Making the Difference in AYP: 18% Gain in Proficiency
Seattle, Washington
A Title I school in Transformation status added DreamBox to its curriculum and increased the percentage of fourth graders at standard in mathematics from 16 to 34 percent in one year—the highest growth in math test scores in its school district.
From 1st Percentile to 54th in One Year
Anderson County, Kentucky
With DreamBox, the Early Childhood Center was able to move their kindergarten students from below the 1st percentile nationally to the 54th percentile in one year, all while doubling the number of students they could serve with no additional staff.
Stretching 12 Resource Teachers for 23 Schools
Carroll County, Maryland
This high-performing district uses DreamBox to give their students the opportunity to advance their conceptual understanding even more, easing their transition to advanced mathematics.
A Majority of ELL Students Working at Standard in Math
South Los Angeles, California
ICEF Vista Elementary Academy, a majority-ELL school, was forced to reduce its operating budget by 20 percent following deep state budget cuts. The school brought in the DreamBox Learning program to meet student needs for math intervention and individualized instruction in a cost-effective manner.