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DreamBox Reading rapidly accelerates learning

Erase learning loss with just 1 hour a week.


Effective screentime

DreamBox Reading has been described as “the only way to really push forward reading instruction during this whole COVID mess”.   
Tier 1 students using DreamBox Reading improve, on average, by 1 grade level in 20 hours, Tier 2 students improve 2 levels in 40 hours, and Tier 3 students improve 2.5 levels in just 60 hours

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Say goodbye to learning loss

Personalization at scale – it’s like every student has their own tutor

Leveraging a powerful Adaptive Assessment to measure key reading ability metrics, DreamBox Reading creates customized instruction for every student and continuously adapts to optimize learning effectiveness.  
As a 2022 CODiE Award Finalist for Best Personalized Learning Solution, DreamBox Reading makes it feel like there are 30 teachers in every classroom!

Teacher in classroom

All instruction is meaningful instruction

Supersize your teachers’ superpowers in minutes

Help your teachers face the shortage head-on. DreamBox Reading delivers potent lesson plans, powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. Teachers get the tools they need to monitor student progress and deliver targeted intervention to close learning gaps and accelerate growth.  

Student with tablet using DreamBox Reading

Stabilize the student experience

Easy to get up and running in minutes. DreamBox Reading is a turnkey personalized tutor that brings much-needed stability to the student experience, regardless of staffing constraints and learning disruptions. 

DreamBox Reading

The Reading Solution that educators say is “the best product out there!”

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DreamBox turns screen time into learning time. Our programs are proven to accelerate learning and drive student outcomes in just one hour a week. DreamBox Math and Reading: 

“Go for Gold” and join our large group, no-pressure monthly product demo to see how you can get the peace of mind and confidence that comes with Gold Standard Product DreamBox Reading. 





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DreamBox Learning takes children from whereever they are to where they want to be by transforming the way they learn.
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