DreamBox Learning Customer Spotlights

Brookfield Engineering Science & Technology (B.E.S.T.) Academy
Southern California
James Mays, co-founder of Brookfield Engineering Science and Technology (B.E.S.T. Academy), designed the independent study charter school with one goal in mind: provide an excellent education to underserved populations that tend to languish in the traditional education systems. Mays introduced DreamBox as a supplemental and intervention tool. DreamBox Intelligent Adaptive Technology helped personalize learning so that within six months proficiency for 7th graders grew 3 points, and 8th graders grew 4 points.
Ohio elementary schools use DreamBox to improve math proficiency
Arlington, Ohio
The Upper Arlington Schools strategic plan through 2024 is to build on the district’s long-running philosophy of educating the whole child in order to make it a daily reality. Despite distance learning, within nine months, students who completed five lessons a week grew their math proficiency in DreamBox by an impressive 1.38 grade levels (2020-2021 school year). Read more to learn how DreamBox helped teachers and students meet their educational goals.
Fort Wayne Community Schools deploy DreamBox to boost math skills for 15,000 students
Fort Wayne, Indiana
In 2018, Fort Wayne Community Schools implemented DreamBox across the district's 31 elementary school and saw impressive student growth. Two educators share what drove the decision to implement DreamBox, and how they integrate it into their classrooms and leverage the data and reporting capabilities to track student progress.
North Carolina District Boosts Math Scores with DreamBox During Distance Learning
Alleghany County, North Carolina
Learn how rural Alleghany County grew their student’s math scores with DreamBox. Three educators share what drove them to implement a DreamBox pilot, how it was successfully used in their classrooms, and the powerful role DreamBox plays in their remote learning plans. Alleghany County Schools proves that with inspiring teachers and DreamBox Math, even students in remote, rural counties can receive cutting-edge math instruction.
North Dakota Schools Boost Math Scores with DreamBox
Bismarck, N.D.
Bismarck Public Schools (BPS) is a notably high-achieving district, catering to a wide range of students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. The district adopted Dreambox to help it unify the way math instruction is delivered to students of varying needs. After a successful pilot at four schools — two middle schools and two high schools — BPS expanded Dreambox to all grade levels throughout the district. As a result of seeing measurable improvements in student math scores, BPS made the decision to embed Dreambox more deeply into its math curriculum.
Castle View Elementary - Riverside, CA
Riverside, CA
This story features DreamBox advocate and standout teacher Ms. Henninger from Riverside Unified School District. Ms. Henninger shares her perspectives on the importance of teacher loyalty/engagement, parent involvement, and how it helps drives optimal student usage on DreamBox, as well as parent buy-in and support. In this story you’ll learn how she:
o Leverages the Student Overview Report within the Educator Dashboard to stay informed on her student’s growth and progress,
o Understands how important family involvement is and makes it a priority to educate her student’s parents on the benefits of DreamBox,
o Promotes a growth mindset and encourages her students to believe in their unlimited potential.
Using DreamBox Purposely to Maximize Student Support
San Jose California
Read the perspectives of three educators to see how SJUSD is creatively leveraging DreamBox to complement their core classroom math instruction. Learn their tips and best practices for implementing DreamBox across their diverse student population.
How West Fargo differentiates math instruction for a diverse and rapidly expanding student population
West Fargo, ND
In 2016, West Fargo Public Schools began using DreamBox in their Welcome Center, a special K–5 learning environment expressly designed to help students new to the country with little or no English language skills. DreamBox proved so effective, the WFPS has since rolled the program out districtwide to all 13 elementary schools.
Pasadena ISD – Pasadena, TX
Pasadena, TX
Over the last two decades, Pasadena ISD has invested heavily in new facilities and renovations designed to promote smaller learning communities and flexible teaching environments. Three years ago, they began rolling out DreamBox Learning® Math to their 36 elementary schools.
DreamBox Alignment with Performance-Based Learning Model Yields Learning Gains
Three years ago, educators in Mesa County Valley School District 51 (D51) in Grand Junction, Colorado began implementing a performance-based learning (PBL) model district-wide. Rather than ask students to learn at a uniform pace, the D51 model allows individual students to progress from one curriculum concept to the next as soon as they demonstrate proficiency. Because DreamBox Learning® Math aligned so closely to D51’s new instructional model and standards, math content facilitator Megan Bennet recommended piloting the program on a limited basis in Mesa County Valley elementary schools.
Engaging students to drive success and reach their potential
San Antonio, Texas
With the strain of deployment, frequent moves, and (in some cases) a parent wounded in action, FSHISD educators know their students come to class with more on their plates than most civilian kids. DreamBox is helping teachers to address these challenges by fully engaging their learners, and helping them to fill gaps, stay focused, and achieve their full potential.
Maury County Public Schools, TN
In 2016, Maury County implemented a community-created, district-wide improvement plan entitled, “7 Keys to College and Career Readiness.” This initiative identifies seven educational goals each student must reach in order to achieve his or her full potential.
Springfield Public Schools, Missouri
Springfield, MO
Springfield Public Schools is in the midst of implementing a three-year, districtwide, IGNITE initiative. The goal of IGNITE (which stands for Inspire, Grow, Network, Integrate, Transform, and Engage) is to provide the resources and support necessary for all teachers and students to access and experience an engaging, relevant, and personalized learning environment.
Abner Creek Academy, Duncan, SC
Duncan, SC
In March 2016, Abner Creek Academy third grade teacher Ann Salway’s students completed about 9,000 lessons during the weeks leading up to MAP assessment. Completing that many lessons before state and district testing had a huge impact on their performance, allowing them to excel on the MAP test as well as the Carolina State Assessment, the SC Ready state test: 90 percent scored in the highest band; the other 10 percent scored met.
DreamBox Supports ELL Students with an Interactive Approach to Learning
Newark, Delaware
Students in Herrero’s ELL class love using DreamBox so much that they choose to go on it when they finish their work and tasks early, or during indoor recess. His class has collectively completed 7,573 DreamBox lessons to date, and exhibited an 95 percent growth in DreamBox for the 2015-2016 school year.
DreamBox Motivates First Graders to Discover Pride in Math Growth and Comprehension
White Marsh, Maryland
Vincent Farm Elementary School first grade teacher Rachel White is particularly passionate about bringing technology into her White Marsh, Maryland classroom. White, who is currently completing an Advanced Professional Development