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DreamBox Supports ELL Students with an Interactive Approach to Learning

The students seem to enjoy technology because it is very interactive. DreamBox provides the benefit of matching the students’ pace and lets them work and learn independently.

—Daniel Herrero, Teacher, Maclary Elementary School, DE

Daniel Herrero believes in an interactive approach to help his Kindergarten ELL students learn and grow. Herrero’s students are learning fundamental skills such as math and reading in addition to the English language. Herrero, who makes a point of celebrating his young Hispanic students’ heritage while integrating them into American culture, has found that interactive methods are the most effective for his students. He discovered DreamBox in 2014, and after initial success, was excited to be able to use it even more given his classroom’s technology upgrade. After Herrero acquired six computers for his classroom this year, he began using DreamBox to its full potential in helping his students develop their math skills.

Now Herrero’s students rotate using DreamBox, in English and Spanish, on the classroom computers, and go on it as a group during their weekly visits to the Computer Lab. Herrero works one on one with his students during Computer Lab visits while all students are on DreamBox simultaneously to assess their progress and monitor their use. He reviews students’ growth and usage daily via the DreamBox reports, and makes instructional decisions accordingly.

Students in Herrero’s ELL class love using DreamBox so much that they choose to go on it when they finish their work and tasks early, or during indoor recess. His class has collectively completed 7,573 DreamBox lessons to date, and exhibited an 95 percent growth in DreamBox for the 2015-2016 school year.

Not only is Herrero is proud that his students have grown using DreamBox, but he is excited that they enjoy using it.

Students overwhelmingly provided strong feedback about DreamBox. Herrero’s student Valeria shared that because of DreamBox, she loves math now, and the games are her favorite part of the program, and that she’s been inspired to become a teacher when she grows up. Students even have their favorite lessons and characters. His student Mariacarmen personally favors Mini Bunny.

Herrero appreciates that DreamBox has been approved for Math intervention in the Christina School District, so that his students and non-ELL students are learning in parallel paths to success.