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Ohio elementary schools use DreamBox to improve math proficiency

Upper Arlington Schools is located in Franklin County on the northwest side of Columbus, Ohio. In its five elementary schools, there are 2,762 students and 53 English language learners. With few exceptions, all students use DreamBox Math to complement in-class math learning

The Upper Arlington Schools strategic plan through 2024 is to build on the district’s long-running philosophy of educating the whole child in order to make it a daily reality. To augment Bridges, the districtwide math curriculum, and unify the schools’ teaching, DreamBox filled the bill. It was especially apropos when COVID threw the education system into disarray. Despite the vagaries of distance learning, within nine months, students who completed five lessons a week grew their math proficiency by an impressive 1.38 grade levels. No small feat according to Dr. Debra Amling, the instructional leader for the district schools. Read more to learn how DreamBox helped teachers and students meet their educational goals.

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