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Using DreamBox Purposely to Maximize Student Support

DreamBox helps students understand the background information; making them stronger mathematically, conceptually, and helping them fully understand the material. That’s what I like. They’re walking away with a deeper understanding of math.

— Amber Stagi, Teacher Grades 4 and 5

History and Vision

Established in 1853, San José Unified School District’s (SJUSD) long history as an innovative and leading school district in California continues as they prepare today’s students to be the thinkers, leaders, and creators of tomorrow. Located in the heart of Santa Clara Valley, SJUSD is no stranger to originality and creative thinking––instilling this mentality in students and teachers across their district.

Embracing a diverse student population, SJUSD’s approach to education is constantly evolving; trying new pedagogy, analyzing what works, and fine-tuning and sharing those best practices to the benefit of the entire district. By reinventing the education system, San José Unified brings together educators, students, and parents; inspiring each other to discover their own greatness.

Getting started with DreamBox

Meet Taylor Swenson, SJUSD’s District Instructional Coach for Elementary Math. Dedicated to the district’s mission and success for SJUSD students, Swenson understands the importance of education lessons and skills learned by educators and how those lessons can have as much impact as the teachings and skills taught in the classroom. Believing that the best education happens when teachers are prepared, supported, and eager to help their students, Swenson successfully created such an environment within her own network of educators.

Deeply involved with all district elementary educators, she focuses on ensuring teachers receive comprehensive training and professional development for any new curriculum products introduced into the classroom. The largest school district in Santa Clara County, SJUSD serves a diverse population with various needs.

Any educational products used must have the ability to adapt to a number of different situations in diverse classrooms, while providing consistent positive impact each time. DreamBox held a possible solution to meeting these challenges.

Searching for a supplemental math program that could gain deeper insight into student comprehension while helping educators better understand the progress of their students, San José Unified began looking for ways to help address the needs of individual students. Because of its powerful adaptive engine, ability to drive real results through student engagement, and its ability to help students build comprehension and understanding, they selected DreamBox Learning.

Initially, teachers were enthusiastic about the product, but had some confusion on how to best use it in the classroom. To ease the learning curve, SJUSD offers educators ongoing professional development, helping them learn how to best apply the program in their individual classrooms.

Now used across the district in a number of different ways for various situations, teachers are finding it is the perfect complement to their core classroom instruction in math. San José Unified’s numerous classroom stories help illustrate a variety of situations teachers often face in math education, and highlight the need for a tool that’s as adaptable as SJUSD’s innovative educators.

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