Create a data-driven culture to improve math teaching and learning

If you’re looking for clear information about how to use data to transform teaching and learning in your math classrooms, you’ve come to the right place. This growing collection of white papers, webinars, case studies, and tips for teachers is a one-stop resource to help you get started or advance a data-driven approach to improve math instruction and learner proficiency.

The Data-Driven Revolution Has Begun

Instructional decisions formed by data-driven insights pave the way to authentic personalized math learning.

The analysis and ability to act on data is a necessary shift made possible by technology to assess the learning process, and not just the product of learning. Data that provides how a learner is constructing meaning, forming understanding, and making learning decisions in the very process of learning— in real time—is the basis of the revolution in ongoing formative assessment.

—Dr. Gregory Firn, Superintendent in Residence, DreamBox Learning Math

DreamBox Learning’s Insight Dashboards

Get the actionable, real-time insights into the math learning process for impact and results.

What does it mean for Administrators?
  •  See a holistic view of student data across a grade, a school or entire district for the whole picture, not just "snapshots"
  • In-the-moment progress reports that help make informed instructional decisions
  • Performance data that helps scale best practices and build capacity
What does it mean for Teachers?
  • Identify learning gaps and know when to differentiate instruction
  • See individual student and classroom learning progress
  • Extend professional learning opportunities with new strategies and resources

Improve Your Students’ Math Proficiency!

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