Equity and Excellence in Education  |  September 20, 2019  | 

Marriott Waterfront  |  Baltimore, MD

Join us for a day of professional development and collaboration at the Marriott Waterfront, Balitmore. Participants will receive a certificate for 2 hours of CEU credits. Lunch is included. Space is limited, register today.

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10:30 – 11:00 am: Check-In / On-site Registration

11:00 – 11:45 am: Panel Presentation: Advancing Equity Through Next-Gen Personalized Learning

11:45 – 12:30 pm: Lunch and Special Performance from Local Elementary School Students

12:30 – 1:15 pm: Breakout Sessions

1:15 – 1:30 pm: Break

1:30 – 2:15 pm: Breakout Sessions

Morning Presentation:

Advancing Equity Through Next-Gen Personalized Learning (Panel Presentation)

Speakers: Hear from four local leaders in education on the topic of equity and personalized learning

Innovative leaders are rethinking how to design learning experiences and educational systems that unlock the learning potential of every student. But what impact do these new models have on key stakeholders within the learning ecosystem? In this session, panelists will unpack definitions of personalized learning and envision how it will evolve in the next-generation classroom to promote equity.

12:30 PM Breakout Sessions: Select One

Attendees will have the choice to attend one of the following morning breakout sessions:

A Vision for Blended Learning in the Classroom

Speaker:Nicky Szczur, Senior Professional Development Specialist, DreamBox Learning

This session engages educators in creating a vision and implementation plan for building a blended-learning model. Our Professional Development specialists facilitate conversations involving cultivating mathematical mindsets, classroom culture, and exploring new models for math learning and engagement. Educators will leave with a plan to implement this vision in their classrooms.

Leading, Implementing, and Scaling Innovations in Personalized Learning

Speaker: Local Educator

There are many factors to consider when implementing new technology-enhanced learning models to benefit students, teachers, parents, and school culture. This session will provide a real-world framework for leading innovation in your district, including creating alignment, measuring district readiness for change, and utilizing backward-design thinking to produce meaningful outcomes.

District Approaches to Raising Math Achievement: Cultivating Teacher Readiness

Speaker: David Woods, Senior Director of Curriculum, DreamBox Learning

To improve student outcomes and instructional effectiveness, district leaders are implementing systemic changes to more deeply connect curriculum, instruction, and assessment and thereby better meet the needs of their diverse learners. Simultaneously, they are supporting and empowering educators to better understand and implement these approaches for sustained success. In this session, learn gain actionable strategies for leading and implementing transformative changes that improve math learning outcomes and build capacity.

1:30 PM Breakout Sessions: Select One

Attendees will have the choice to attend one of the following afternoon breakout sessions:

Cultivating Young Mathematicians in Your Schools

Speaker: Nicky Szczur, Senior Professional Development Specialist, DreamBox Learning

Mathematics empowers students to think logically about problems and to make sense of techniques for solving them. This session engages educators in discourse around supporting a growth mindset in the classroom, allowing students to productively struggle while independently and collaboratively grappling with new ideas. Teachers learn strategies for cultivating a culture that views challenges and failures as opportunities.

Assessing for Learning: Dynamic vs. Static Assessment

Speaker: Local Educator

Traditional approaches to assessment often reflect a retroactive view of student learning. When educators have tools to assess learning at every stage of the learning process and drive bolder personalized learning approaches, students achieve more. This session will examine ways to assess development dynamically to inform teaching and gain greater visibility into student readiness and mathematical thinking.

Using Student Learning Data to Foster a Growth Culture

Speaker: Elizabeth Venn, Curriculum Specialist, DreamBox Learning

Effective data-driven instruction isn’t just about accumulating data. To move educators and learners forward in their achievement, administrators are building a culture of data-driven practices that enable them to measure growth and continuously improve their results. Attendees will learn a practical framework for creating a data-informed growth culture that guides instructional decision making and supports all students at the right level.