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I dream of being
a planet saver.

Math is my power.

My dream is
to soar.

Math is my fuel.

My dream is to
build the future.

Math is my tool.

My dream is
to explore.

Math is my ticket.

Whether at home or in the classroom kids can Dream Big with DreamBox!

What is DreamBox

DreamBox is a K-8 online math program that supplements core instruction in the classroom or at home and is proven to increase math growth. DreamBox dynamically adapts to the learner, providing personalized instruction. Our lessons are available in Spanish.

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Proven Efficacy

With a strong rating from ESSA and multiple third-party studies, DreamBox Math is proven to increase student achievement. DreamBox has won more than 40 industry awards and is used by 200,000 teachers and nearly 5 million students in the U.S. and throughout Canada, and Mexico.

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"My students absolutely love working with DreamBox. It is truly filling in the missing gaps for some students and stretching others beyond what I can do in the classroom!”

Dani Kremer, Fourth Grade Teacher
Center Point Urbana Intermediate School

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See the DreamBox Difference in Action

Over 2,300 engaging, standards-aligned lessons that are proven to build problem solving strategies, hone critical thinking skills, and develop math fluency. Experience them in English or Spanish.

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DreamBox is Proven To Improve Learning

Harvard Study Suggests DreamBox Impact on Student Learning Outcomes

According to the CEPR at Harvard Universtiy study of DreamBox, for every 20 minutes a student spent on DreamBox their MAP score increased by 2.5 points.

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Common Sense Media highly rates DreamBox

Common Sense Media rates DreamBox with an A+ for academics and a Blue rating for Privacy, which are the highest ratings available in each category.

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Stanford Research Institute shows DreamBox has positive effects on student achievement

The SRI study shows students using DreamBox scored 2.3 points higher on the NWEA assessments with gains equivalent to 5.5 percentile point in 16 weeks

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DreamBox receives a STRONG rating

DreamBox Learning is the only comprehensive K-8 math program rated STRONG by Evidence for ESSA.

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Help Your Learners Dream Big

I am a...


Math Leader



DreamBox raises student achievement.

With over 2,000 lessons designed by math teachers and aligned to state standards, DreamBox helps build conceptual understanding, increase procedural fluency, and raise student achievement. Using cutting-edge, adaptive technology, we help schools and districts meet students where they are in their math journey so they can fill conceptual gaps while becoming prepared to meet and exceed state standards.

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Unique math journeys for every learner.

DreamBox’s adaptive learning engine meets each student’s needs by continually assessing thousands of data points throughout each lesson, not just accuracy of answers but how students solve problems. Through this technology , we are able to prescribe rigorous, standards aligned math lessons for each student that integrate with your existing curriculum.

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We believe math should inspire.

Designed for teachers, by teachers, DreamBox provides differentiated math lessons for each student while providing teachers with the insights they need to help each student grow. Teachers can even track progress toward state standard competency!

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Make screen time FUNctional!

DreamBox is an online math program that is both engaging and proven to boost your child’s math performace Whether your learner is a math whiz or needs help filling in some gaps, the DreamBox platform provides your child with the individualized lessons they need to succeed.

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