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The DreamBox Difference

Because learning isn’t linear

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It’s Not Always a Straight Line

The Perfect Math Journey

The journey to understanding math isn’t always a straight line. But with DreamBox Learning, students personalize their learning experiences. And when students learn by exploring their own way, they gain confidence and feel like math stars.

DreamBox is different than other math programs out there. I really like the fact that it looks at gaps in students’ learning to make sure they have a conceptual understanding of the math standard.

Kimberly Carolson

Innovation Specialist, Ohio

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Why exactly is DreamBox different?

Giving schools real-time access to student progress and data to assure curriculum alignment and success.

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The perfect learning journey

Learning math isn’t one-size-fits-all — it has its twists and turns. That’s why DreamBox Math lets students find their own unique way to success. The lightbulb truly goes off when they discover the answer on their own.
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The perfect teaching journey

Teaching has its ups and downs, and learning does too. But when students personalize their math journey on DreamBox, those ups and downs turn into something great. With DreamBox Math, student success catapults like a rocket. And we support teachers on every step of the journey.
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We Know Every Student Learns Differently

DreamBox’s built-in, continuous formative assessment and intelligently adaptive technology allow students to have a truly personalized learning experience. Students drive their own learning to build deeper mathematical understanding and confidence.
Dreambox Learning
DreamBox Learning takes children from whereever they are to where they want to be by transforming the way they learn.
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