Dreambox Learning Math for Indiana

DreamBox is proven to increase math growth. This K-8 online math program supplements core instruction in the classroom and at home. It dynamically adapts to the learner, providing personalized instruction. DreamBox lessons are available in English and Spanish and aligned to Indiana state math standards.

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Aligned to Indiana Academic Standards for Mathematics (IASM)

View students’ progress, assign lessons and access Teacher PD modules all by Indiana standard.

DreamBox is also aligned to many popular print programs like Eureka Math, EngageNY, Go Math!, Bridges and more.

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DreamBox Learning Helps Improve NWEA® MAP ® Growth by 71%

In its second year of district-wide implementation, teachers at all six elementary schools in Southwest Allen County Schools are finding success with DreamBox Math. Students are experiencing overall growth on the NWEA MAP assessment and teachers consider DreamBox to be a key component to that success. ​

“Teachers know and are able to talk about their students as mathematicians with the use of formative data from DreamBox as well as use this information to scaffold and personalize instruction to help ensure growth of all students.”

Dr. Lynn Simmers - Assistant Superintendent
Southwest Allen County Schools

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Fort Wayne Community Schools

Fort Wayne Community Schools deploy DreamBox Math to boost math skills for 15,000 students.

In 2018, Fort Wayne Community Schools implemented DreamBox across the district’s 31 elementary schools and saw impressive student growth. Two educators share what drove the decision to implement DreamBox, and how they integrate it into their classrooms and leverage data and reporting capabilities to track student progress.

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We use DreamBox to drive our one-on-one instruction and lesson plans so we can focus on kids who have huge gaps in their learning. We are able to see where each student is in their learning and where they need additional support, which makes our intervention a lot more powerful for our students.

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Anna Wiley, Math Intervention Teacher
DeKalb Central School District

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Indiana Academic Standards for Mathematics (IASM) Alignment