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Dreambox Learning Math for Texas

DreamBox is proven to increase math growth. This K-8 online math program supplements core instruction in the classroom and at home. It dynamically adapts to the learner, providing personalized instruction. DreamBox lessons are available in English and Spanish and aligned to Texas state math standards.

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Sara Moore

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Clear Creek ISD, TX

Julie Dupois

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Lockhart ISD, TX

Mark Estrada

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Lockhart ISD, TX

Stephanie Camarillo

Aligns to Standards

DreamBox Learning Supports HB4545

Educators can: Balance the need for students to work on grade level and develop mastery in prior grade TEKS by utilizing formative data. Easily see vertical alignment of mathematics content and standards. Accelerate learning for students who did not pass STAAR to support TEA guidance. Easily view how DreamBox lessons are TEKS aligned and bridge to grade level content. Create assignments targeting students’ specific needs using TEKS proficiency, MAP RIT/Quantile scores. View STAAR predictions each month to see if students are on track.

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Student weekly goal reached notification

Social-Emotional Learning

In DreamBox, students...

Set weekly goals and monitor their own progress; select which topics and lessons to work on; earn badges and coins for perseverance; struggle productively through lessons’ built-in scaffolding and helpful hints; and receive messages from teachers with encouragement, goals and reminders.

Student progress dashboard for teachers

Educator Dashboard

In DreamBox, educators can...

Track which skills students have mastered, are in the process of learning or have not attempted; assign lessons to students; view student usage and monitor their progress; preview student proficiency for end-of-year assessments based on formative assessment built into DreamBox lessons; access both math and DreamBox professional development resources; and engage with a community of over 28,000 DreamBox educators.

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It’s one thing to have a tool that shows teachers where kids are struggling, but DreamBox goes the extra mile with MyFlexPD™ by suggesting complementary learning activities, additional classroom tools, and new ways to deliver instruction.

Dr. Roland Rios

Director of Technology, Fort Sam Houston ISD, TX


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Case Study

Pasadena ISD

Over the past two decades, Pasadena ISD has invested heavily in new facilities and renovations designed to promote smaller learning communities and flexible teaching environments. Three years ago, they began rolling out DreamBox Learning Math to their 36 elementary schools.

Case Study Report

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Aligns to Texas State Standards for Mathematics

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DreamBox is a K–8 education solution whose mission is to transform the way students learn. Our lessons take children from wherever they are to where they want to be.

DreamBox is a K–8 education solution whose mission is to transform the way students learn. Our lessons take children from wherever they are to where they want to be.

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