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Eighth Grade Math Resources

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Rate of Change

Students use coordinates and an x-y table to determine the rate of change (slope) between two points. Given the coordinates and a visual representation of two points on a coordinate plane, students determine the vertical change and horizontal change between the two points. They use those values to determine the rate of change and answer in the form of a fraction.

Linear Equations

In this lesson, students deepen their understanding of angle measurement and rotation while fluently reasoning about and using supplementary and vertical angle relationships. Students use DreamBox’s engaging digital tool – which points simultaneously in opposite directions – to make rotations, aim for targets, and determine angle measurements. Students must use valid deductive reasoning to figure out how to aim for specific targets in ways that require critical thinking and mental math. Students deepen their understanding of vertical angles congruence and use supplementary angle relationships to make specific rotations.

Additional Eighth Grade Resources