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Support English language learners in math and reading

Provide the fastest growing student population with the personalized instruction they need to build confidence and thrive.

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DreamBox empowers English language learners with personalized, adaptive technology

Math ELL student with tablet

DreamBox Math

All DreamBox Math experiences are available in Spanish and English

  • Personalized instruction: The program adapts continuously to each student’s strategies and solutions. It adjusts pace, placement, and pedagogy to support progress and proficiency.
  • Equity and access: Educators can select English or Spanish for read-aloud or closed-captioned interactive prompts. Students experience language through multiple modalities and learn language-appropriate math vocabulary.
  • Rigorous curriculum: Standards-aligned and evidence-based curriculum support exploration, conceptual understanding, and fluency for all levels.
  • Dynamic formative assessment: Ongoing, balanced, and formative assessments allow students to demonstrate proficiency in their own way, which provides detailed reporting for educators in real time.
  • Engaging environment: Visual context through age-appropriate virtual manipulations and gamified challenges enables sense-making exploration and builds student motivation and confidence.
Reading ELL student with laptop in library

DreamBox Reading Plus

DreamBox Reading Plus is a WIDA-certified, TESOL-aligned solution

  • Student Agency: DreamBox Reading provides hi-lo-readability selections to ensure struggling readers can choose age-appropriate, engaging selections with suitable text complexity for their growing skill levels.
  • Diverse, engaging content: Students engage with an extensive library of diverse selections that enable them to select content in which they see themselves, relate to shared experiences, and discover the world around them.
  • Real-time scaffolding: Adaptive software continuously captures student data to dynamically customize instruction and provide immediate scaffolding to develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, motivation, and silent reading fluency.
  • Motivating experiences: The only reading intervention that measures student motivation helps educators better understand students’ needs, prioritize motivational supports, and gauge how motivation impacts students’ fluency and comprehension.

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Five ways you can support English language learners and how DreamBox Learning programs can help

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DreamBox Math

Hear the incredible story about a middle school English language learner in Hays Consolidated Independent School District who improved by four growth levels using DreamBox Math for just one year. 

"DreamBox Math has been a tool our Spanish-speaking students could come in and use right away. Before, they weren’t always able to interact with other students, but now they can do the same thing everyone else is doing."
North Carolina state icon
Melissa Fitzgerald, Director of Student Support Services - Alleghany County Schools, North Carolina
ELLs using DreamBox Reading Plus

DreamBox Reading Plus

Across all grade groups, English language learners who completed at least 50 hours of DreamBox Reading Plus practice during the school year achieved significantly larger reading proficiency gains than students who didn’t engage in DreamBox Reading instruction.

"The DreamBox Reading Plus vocabulary component supports our English learners in a systematic way, providing an extra focus on Tier 2 words. The visual skills component has been an effective tool to improve fluency rates for our struggling readers as well."
California state icon
Sara Shorey, Principal - Adams Elementary School, Santa Ana USD, California
Teacher with students in classroom using adaptive learning tools

Support for educators and students

The right tools to boost proficiency

A powerful combination of rigorous curriculum and embedded formative assessment helps educators support English language learners within any classroom environment.

Student engaging with DreamBox on laptop

Highly adaptive instruction

Empower students to grow on their own, at their own pace

DreamBox programs adapt, individualize, and support learning for English language learners at varying levels of proficiency. The programs provide extra help, when necessary, but also challenge students when they are ready.

Engage English language learners

Engage all learners

Motivate students to thrive

Allow hesitant students to take ownership of their journey and self-direct their learning by exploring new concepts, content, and skills in a meaningful way.

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