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Knotion Leaderboard


The Leaderboard below shows data for the date range October 30 through November 16.
To view how your classroom is ranking in the fall math challenge, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your teacher Insight Dashboard
  • Click on the specific classroom you’d like to view results for
  • Go to the Math Challenge Tab
  • If you are registered, you will see a Unique Classroom Code next to your registered classroom name.
  • Using the “Find” function, search for your Unique Classroom Code in the relevant files below to see how you rank in the Grand Prize and/or Regionally.
  • If you are looking at the regional rankings, make sure to look at the correct grade band (PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8+)


Knotion Leaderboard:

[table id=23 datatables_columnfilterwidgets=true datatables_columnfilterwidgets_exclude_columns=1,2,3,4 datatables_buttons=”excel”]


NOTE: You can also view current stats for your class, including how many lessons your students have completed during the Math Challenge in your Math Challenge Tab in your Insight Dashboard. If your classroom is not registered for the Math Challenge, you will not see this data.

What is the Math Challenge?
Twice a year, thousands of math students from all 50 states and Canada compete to complete the most DreamBox Learning lessons over the course of three weeks. Students quickly ramp up math skills while vying for classroom and grand prizes.


Click here to view the Terms and Conditions for the 2017 Fall Math Challenge.